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Trip to the dam proved good for bass and yellowbelly

THIS week we headed to Bjelke-Petersen Dam for a look after hearing good reports and we were not disappointed.

TOTALLY HOOKED: Rock fishing has many rewards

BEAUTIFUL: Rock fishing offers beauty and tranquillity ... as well as good fish.

This is one of the most productive shore-based fishing options

OUR SAY: Why wait for life jacket trial to end?

$20 a small price to pay for greater fishing safety

WIN a fishing trip, $5000 BCF voucher and get free stuff

IF FISHING is your game, then get in your name because we’re running a stack of reely incredible giveaways this summer we know you’ll be hooked on.

'It was scary': fisherman reels in a shark

Cameron Bennett caught two sharks at Evans Head on Thursday.

Tale to tell after toothy catch hooked at popular fishing spot

Unexplained 'growths' on fish at Mackay creek

PUZZLING: Angler Jaimie Martin had never seen anything like the catfish he caught at Rocky Dam Creek.

"Like some sort of tumorous growth and it was as hard as coral”

Warwick suggested for murray cod capital of Australia

COD RELEASE: Ken Martin and Marc Wagner releasing murray cod fingerlings near the mill hole in the Condamine River.

Murray cod potential to bring tourists

BIG FISH: Reckon you can beat this freshwater monster?

TOOWOOMBA'S Eddie Zoet caught the perfect Christmas present, this 52cm yellowbelly, while out fishing with his mates.

Eddie Zoet caught the perfect Christmas present while out fishing

Warning on dirty water

STAY OUT: Stanthorpe Blue Water Fishing and Restocking Club treasurer Ernie Jones recommends not fishing or swimming until the sign has been removed.

Signs have been erected at West Rd Creek due to pollution

Fish stocks on the rise after major release

(Front, from left) Eddie Kemp, Cr Yve Stocks, Roger Martin, Bob Kiona, (middle) Andrew Shaw and (back) David Rose ready to release fingerlings.

Yellowbelly releases in rivers and streams

Illegal campers defy ban and return to private property

COMMITTED campers intent on beachfront views are continuing to ignore private property signs and pitch their tents and parking their vans at Norval Park.

Chile: Patagonia draws you in

A guanaco in front of the plains and mountains of the Torres del Paine hike.

You'll find it's no breeze, but it's well worth the hike

Boy's kayak stolen just days before Christmas

MISSING: Richard's first and only photo in his kayak.

Boy's kayak stolen just before Christmas

Lynette Daley's accused killers plead not guilty

Two men face charges over the death of Lynette Daley (pictured).

Two men plead not guilty over camping trip death of Maclean woman

Camp cooking pasta with Roothy's LowRange crew

Roothy's cooking - it's enough to bowl you over.

Roothy's camp cooked lamb secrets

Roothy ready to get cooking on the campfire

John Rooth lets you in on some tasty tricks.

Roothy vs rissoles

John Rooth and the boys check out camp-cooked rhino rissoles and offer a challenge...

Rural fire crews extinguish 4WD gas tank fire, woman treated

UPDATE: Fire crews from Dalveen and urban services from Warwick extinguished a fire in the gas tank of a Nissan Patrol n the New England Hwy.