Motivated job seekers to be given extra $100 a week

MOTIVATED young job seekers will be $100-a-week richer if they take up training and internships under new incentives to get into the workforce.

WATERCOOLER: Are holiday penalty rates too costly?

A rally over penalty rates in Ipswich on Monday. Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times

It is a costly task to pay the double time penalty rates to staff

Dam funding will create 6000 jobs, says MP

DAM PROJECT: The proposed Urannah Dam site is in the upper Broken River valley, south-east of Collinsville.

Urannah could deliver 6000 jobs and that local employment

Looking for a new job? Here are 3 things you should check

There are lots of things to consider when seeking a new job.

There are questions you should ask before changing careers

Why are four in five Aussies unhappy in the workplace?

Businesses are worried workplace culture is to blame for this shift

Alex one of many let down by the system

NEEDS WORK: Jobseeker Alex Kingdom, aged 19, is desperate for employment.

Alex's dream was to get an entry level sales job and work his way up

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