Tue 13 Nov 2012

Sun 14 Oct 2012

Tue 4 Sep 2012

New Batman villain revealed

THE Qld Govt has confirmed that the Premier is in top secret talks with Hollywood moguls who are keen for him to be the villain in the next Batman movie.

johnfg 2

Wed 22 Aug 2012

Tue 14 Aug 2012

T leaves a very bitter taste

THE Federal Government has launched an investigation into the letter T after it was blamed for Australia's lower-than-expected gold medal tally at the Olympics.

Wed 25 Jul 2012

They're off with the pixels

GOVERNMENTS are set to approve the use of new technology that allows people to blur their faces in public to avoid being recognised or recorded by spy cameras.

Mon 2 Jul 2012

UFOs boost poll chances

US PRESIDENT Brack Oblama's re-election chances have been boosted by a poll in which Americans back his ability to repel an alien invasion.

Neutral 1

Thu 26 Apr 2012

Thu 19 Apr 2012

Channelling the inner Manu

AFTER two hours of school holidays it had been established that my youngest suffers from what is termed in polite circles as “a low boredom threshold”.

Tue 10 Apr 2012

Wed 4 Apr 2012

A household held hostage by hormones

I CAN always tell when my kids are out of bed. That's when the fighting starts. I also know when they've gone to bed. That's when the fighting stops.

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  • Family Taming - Wendy's World

Mon 2 Apr 2012

Queensland savages MPs

VOTERS in Queensland have savaged their incumbent Labor Government, reducing it to minor party status and filling Parliament with unknown Liberal debutants.

Wed 28 Mar 2012

A woman of a certain age

IT'S a sad reality but there are things a 22-year-old female can endure that the body of a woman of a certain age is no longer capable of attempting.

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  • Family Taming - Wendy's World

Mon 26 Mar 2012

Our CIA coal conspiracy

AUSTRALIA has moved into crisis mode to save the coal industry following shocking revelations that the CIA may be trying to shut it down.

Bellows 1

Fri 23 Mar 2012

Tue 20 Mar 2012

Wolverine and the soccer mum

TRY telling people you're the victim of a hair straightening incident that went horribly wrong and watch all the sympathy fly right out the window.

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  • Family Taming - Wendy's World

Mon 19 Mar 2012

Dad's Army Olympians

AUSTRALIA is putting its older stagers back into battle in a bid to achieve Olympic glory and better TV ratings in London 2012.

Wed 14 Mar 2012

Mon 12 Mar 2012

Shapely leg goes viral

ANGELINA Jollee's leg has hired an agent and a personal masseur after taking on a life of its own following a hit appearance at the Oscars.

Sun 11 Mar 2012

Learning not to set the bar too high

AS A mother I've learned not to set the bar too high. You only set yourself up for disappointment, damages or at the very least a disgusting mess on the carpet.

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  • Family Taming - Wendy's World

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