Deep pockets or no brains? What are our drivers thinking!

PRIORITISE: Andrew says money in your pocket is best spent on boats, bikes, cars and girlfriends, not traffic fines.
PRIORITISE: Andrew says money in your pocket is best spent on boats, bikes, cars and girlfriends, not traffic fines. Georja Ryan

YOU know, I'm constantly amazed at the lack of respect that some people have for their driver's licence, either that or they have plenty of spare cash to donate back to the State of Queensland in traffic fines.

Maybe out of civic responsibility; who knows?

Maybe it's just me being hyper-attentive to the drivers around me.

I suppose after having been a copper earlier in my life, there are some habits you certainly find hard to stop.

Ooh look over there, that one's on the phone. Ah huh, no seatbelt.

Hey watch this guy, straight through that stop sign.

Wow this car's moving quick, here comes speed racer.

Don't get me wrong though, I certainly don't want to get out and book anyone any more.

It's just hard not to notice it when you see it.

Remembering the unhappy faces of the people I booked back then is still a pretty big motivating factor for me not to break the law.

Let's face it, I don't think many people are too pleased when they cop a ticket.

I don't want to be sad like they were.

Last time I got fined was a $5 parking ticket when I was in Fiji a couple of years ago.

Apparently I nearly ruined everyone else's holiday whining about it.

If I got a speeding fine from the flash for cash in the mail these days it would probably bring on such a case of the sooks that even the dog would probably leave me.

My favourite part of playing sport when I was younger wasn't the training.

It was having a yarn with my mates after the game, or training or whatever, usually with a cold beverage and a hamburger in the hand.

Invariably someone would join the conversation and tell us how they lost some more points on their licence this week for this silly thing or another.

Someone else would pipe up that they got booked too, someone else just lost their licence and so on.

This was never a conversation I took part in.

I never had any desire to join the "only got one point left” club.

I loved driving, having a licence and I loved spending my money on fun stuff. Boats, bikes, cars, my best girlfriend and so on.

I paid enough tax, why would I want to give the government any more?

Now the best girlfriend and I have kids of our own, quite a tribe in fact and spread out. Twenty- somethings, teenagers and little ones. Seven of them all up, but only one of them is Daddy's little girl.

(I don't play favourites. It's just that the rest are boys.)

Lately "Sissy”, as our little guys call her, and I have been spending a lot of time together alone lately because she's learning to drive.

So after a hard day at work teaching everyone else's kids to drive I love nothing more than to take her out for a few laps around town to get the logbook hours up.

So when we are driving, as well as teaching her I'm noticing lots of other drivers breaking the traffic laws.

As I explained before I tend to do that a bit.

Now I notice that quite a few of these traffic offenders are driving cars branded with the big "P”, you know the red or green type.

When they are male I tend to point it out to Sissy.

They would probably be about her age or maybe a little bit older and as such are potential dates, suitors, dancing partners or whatever they call them nowadays.

Not that she needs me to find boys for her, I just want ones that will treat her to the style to which she is accustomed.

"Look at that one there darling”, I say.

"He's talking on the phone and running the stop sign.

"That's nearly $700 in fines right there.

"He must be loaded, ” ever-helpful dad pipes up.

"If he can waste money like that, imagine how much he'd spend on you.”

Sissy frowns and pouts as only a teenager can.

"No way Dad, he's driving a Holden.”

I told you she's my girl.

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