SuperMoon has eyes glued to sky

MOON GAZING: This gorgeous photo of the SuperMoon was taken by Jerry West at Leslie Dam on Sunday.
MOON GAZING: This gorgeous photo of the SuperMoon was taken by Jerry West at Leslie Dam on Sunday. Jerry West

IT'S a sun, no it's a star, no it's SuperMoon.

This gorgeous photo of the cosmic show was taken by Jerry West while he was at Leslie Dam on Sunday.

Just 365,955kms away, the moon didn't shy away from attention, posing in all it's brightness in the evening sky.

The SuperMoon generally visits once a year and shines 16% brighter, but this was one of its closest visits in 18 years.

While many gazed into the sky, in awe of the moon that is so super, some were a little disappointed the stars went into hiding.

Co-owner of Twinstar Guesthouse and Observatory in Ballandean Naomi Tanaka said she was not too fussed by the SuperMoon and preferred when it was a dark sky.

"It's not really an unusual event when the moon is this close," Mrs Tanaka said.

"(During a SuperMoon) the moon is too bright and it disturbs star gazing.

"It gets too bright, so if you want to see the stars and galaxies we prefer the normal sky."

The Twinstar Guesthouse and Observatory hosts a nightly sky show where guests can study the galaxies, led by an experienced star gazer.

"We are very busy as it gets closer to winter and we had some guests who were very keen on watching the moon, but we also have guests who prefer it when it's a normal sky," Mrs Tanaka said.

If you snapped some great photos of the SuperMoon, send them to and we can display them in our Wonderful Warwick gallery on our Facebook page.

It gets too bright, so if you want to see the stars and galaxies we prefer the normal sky.

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