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"Good work Enid! Queensland Local Government Alliance is right behind you - together we can make a..."

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"Several points here, smaller councils need less employees on big salaries - could be why some top..."

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"It is pleasing to see the level of interest in the future of Local Government. Registrations have come..."

THEIR goal is to re-empower the community by opening dialogue on local government reform.

Debate to fire up

12 Feb 2013

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"The sufficient community concern has been expressed over many years - how come Council has not..."

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"Perhaps the councillors could be doing this seeing as they no longer have committee meetings to attend..."

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"As they say in the good book, by their fruits ye shall know them!"

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"Well done all students, you are a credit to this community and we wish you the very best in your..."

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"This is a horribly wasteful exercise. Most fluoridated water goes down the plughole. Any government..."

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"Who will man this monitoring system? How much will it cost to staff and maintain per year? It is not..."

TROUBLEMAKERS beware, if you misbehave you will be watched.

We'll be watching

27 Nov 2012

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