March 2015

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<strong>PETER PATTER: </strong>Walking home from work earlier this week I noticed a group of brickies resurrecting the old brick pissoir at the corner of Russell and Victoria Sts.

Time to pull chain on that old thunderbox

"Was hoping this is taking the piss out of us.. After all historical buildings are not all "grand..."

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WHEN Barbara, a 28-year-old mother of two pre-school boys, Josh and Noah, left her violent husband, she never expected to be punished for it at work.

Punished at work for violence at home

"I know one manipulative husband managed to trash his wife's reputation at work which contributed to the..."

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DOMESTIC violence orders could soon protect victims no matter where they are in Australia.

Domestic violence orders could be enforced nationwide

"Having seen the long term devastation this brings - I'll reserve the right to be sceptical until the..."

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As ISIS commits more and more atrocities, the argument that the Koran equally invites a violent interpretation of its teachings has begun to gain ground.

OPINION: Are peaceful Muslims living in denial?

"Well said KPeart Ethnocentrism prevents many people from seeing the evils from their own..."

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DISGRACED greyhound trainer Tom Noble claims that hundreds of greyhounds would have been destroyed if they hadn’t been able to kill live animals.

Live baiting actually saved dogs, says disgraced trainer

"Arrogant, selfish &/or bigoted people really are not interested in learning what is wrong with their..."

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(<strong>YOUR SAY:</strong>) It has been brought to my attention the practice of cyclists on the footpaths/walking paths in the West Creek environmental park.

YOUR SAY: Give a warning as you pedal past

"I'm a regular cyclist, I've seen folks' grateful look when I make a comment like "just letting you know..."

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TOOWOOMBA women have come together to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Toowoomba celebrates International Women's Day

"At least it's not being held in a venue where women still cannot become paid members."

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EVERYONE needs a post office, according to Toowoomba’s Amber Ogilvie.

‘Snail mail’ dearer, slower in Australia Post overhaul

"Given some of the pushes into automatic services and sacking so many staff, you'd think they've saved..."

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<strong>YOUR STORY: </strong>Laura Scurr responds to coverage of the proposed overhaul of Australia's welfare system.

Three degrees, 170 applications, no job for disabled woman

"OH I fully about the employer issue. Problem is that many are employers are the ones in a position..."

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A HIGHLY qualified Toowoomba woman has been told by an employment agency to never expect to find work.

Woman with disability told 'never expect to find work'

"Unfortunately she's not the only one receiving this level of 'support' from employment agencies. "

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