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Commented on a story 7:39am Aug 21st

"I may disagree with her but I respect how she can voice her opinion without belittling those who think..."

Commented on a story 7:39am Aug 21st

"I wonder what all those claiming Aussies have a "right to be a bigot" think this is abhorrent comment..."

Commented on a story 5:50am Aug 21st

"That's cruel to suggest Pensioners might be eventually be except I've not seen anything to suggest..."

Commented on a story 7:28pm Aug 20th

"So much for a woman's personal choice. So what'll happen when the internet photos will be full of..."

Commented on a story 6:41pm Aug 20th

"Agreed. Well said Bill. Shame that more folks are not game enough to speak up."

Commented on a story 10:30am Aug 20th

"There's been plenty of criticism, just seems that the Chamber has not been noticing. "

Commented on a story 9:59am Aug 19th

"I think what gets to me is how many issues are being ignored, hidden behind the "flood safety"..."

Commented on a story 2:25pm Aug 18th

"Dare I say it.... It's only what every else had been thinking.. Only I'd not stop at "racist"..."

Commented on a story 10:00am Aug 17th

"I have problems identifying my favourite. The man's brilliance shone through his conditions. Just..."

Commented on a story 8:17am Aug 17th

"Did we have to let him back into the country? Just what did he hope to gain from that foot-in-mouth..."

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