BMA 'meeting with unions daily'

Story Published: 10 May 2012

THE head of BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance said the company had worked to try to “remove uncertainty” for Norwich Park...

Bhp Billiton, Cfmeu, Closure, Fair Work Australia, Norwich Park Mine

BMA to close Norwich Park mine

Story Published: 11 Apr 2012

UP TO 1400 workers will face uncertainty after resources giant BMA announced it would shut its Norwich Park mine.

Bhp Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Norwich Park Mine

BHP had warned unions

Story Published: 13 Apr 2012

BHP says it warned unions the Norwich Park mine near Dysart could shut down and cost 1400 jobs if sites were hit by strike...

Bhp Billiton, Dysart, Jobs, Mines, Norwich Park Mine, Strike

Mine could go on auto

Story Published: 16 Apr 2012

GETTING rid of the miners could be the key to keeping the limping Norwich Park Mine operating in Central Queensland.

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BHP Billiton puts struggling mines in the firing line

Story Published: 30 May 2013

THE world’s largest mining company has warned it “will not hesitate” to shut down any Queensland coal mine that fails to...

Bhp Billiton, Coal Mine, Gregory Mine, Norwich Park Mine

Dysart's hammer blow

Story Published: 12 Apr 2012

THE word on the street in the mining town of Dysart for the past couple of weeks was that Norwich Park, just 23km away, was...

Bma, Closure, Dysart, Norwich Park Mine

Mines without safety reps

Story Published: 27 Jun 2012

A NUMBER of major coal mines in Central Queensland lack an on-site safety representative – a role considered at the...

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Union wants BHP to forfeit lease

Story Published: 17 Apr 2012

UNION wants BHP to forfeit mining lease for Norwich Park mine after the company announced it would be closing the site on...

Bhp, Cfmeu, Coal, Dysart, Norwich Park Mine

Free house part of deal

Story Published: 25 Apr 2012

WORKERS at terminally unprofitable Norwich Park Mine near Dysart could score a house if they opt for a redundancy...

Bhp Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Dysart, Mine Workers, Norwich Park Mine, Redundancy

Sacked picketer denies abuse

Story Published: 16 May 2012

THE brutality of union picket lines on a mine site came into sharp focus as a worker fought being sacked amid allegations...

Bhp Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Bma, Fair Work Australia, Norwich Park Mine, Picket Line, Union