Hands up if you're confused

Story Published: 14 Mar 2012

FEDERAL MP Bob Katter was spotted with candidate Gordon Dale's name scrawled across his left hand while spruiking...

Australian Party, Bob Katter, Gordon Dale, Maryborough, Queensland Election 2012

Mary Scott

Video Published: 24 Mar 2012

Mary Scott

Queensland Election 2012

Labor's bloodbath across Qld

Story Published: 25 Mar 2012

LABOR has been annihilated across Queensland and is likely be left with just seven seats in the 89-seat parliament.

Anna Bligh, Australian Labor Party, Liberal National Party, Queensland Election 2012

Candidate heads up new strategy

Story Published: 19 Mar 2012

WHAT does one man's bald head, a good sense of humour and Bob Katter have in common?

Australian Party, Bob Katter, John Mathison, Queensland Election 2012

'I will be PM': Tony Abbott

Story Published: 4 Mar 2012

OPPOSITION leader Tony Abbott has told Queenslanders he is confident he will be the next elected Prime Minister of...

Lnp, Prime Minister, Queensland Election 2012, Tony Abbott

'Independents could force election'

Story Published: 23 Feb 2012

TONY Abbott has skirted around a suggestion that he could force a Federal election by moving for a vote of no confidence in...

Federal Election, Grove Juice Factory, Politics, Queensland Election 2012, Tony Abbott

Tax-free tourism?

Story Published: 19 Mar 2012

CLAIM your annual holiday as a tax deduction? Wouldn't that be nice?

Katter'S Australian Party, Queensland Election 2012, Tax Free, Tourism

Walter Zammit

Video Published: 24 Mar 2012

Walter Zammit

Queensland Election 2012

MP upset over dirty campaign

Story Published: 26 Mar 2012

NICKLIN MP Peter Wellington says a smear campaign against him made the lead-up to the state election the most difficult of...

Campaign, Independent, Mp, Peter Wellington, Queensland Election 2012

Katter women's naked ambition

Story Published: 7 Mar 2012

LYNETTE Bishop has embraced a cheeky YouTube spoof that has her strutting naked down a street with Bob Katter.

Australian Party, Bob Katter, Queensland Election 2012