20 February - 20 March

It's going to be a creative couple of days so hopefully you've put aside enough time to give yourself the space to explore that fully, without interference, without any distraction from any quarter. Through this process, you can make contact with yourself again. The distractions of day-to-day life can be somewhat addictive so apart from your normal schedule, ingrained digital habits can be even harder to break. An endless stream of digital noise is distracting you from your own self, apart from any lack of sleep, over involvement in social media and wasted time. Try to introduce yourself to number 1.


21 March - 20 April

Finishing up last-minute details will only be completed successfully if you’re able to sufficiently slow your process down rather than speed it up. Today is a case of “haste makes waste” and although you intuitively know that you should be taking your time with your tasks, negotiations and even the more menial tasks of your day-to-day life, something is impelling you to rush through things. Keep your mind focused on the job at hand because it’s indicated that clear focus now will actually help you avert unnecessary errors of judgement which could have otherwise cost you a lot of money.


21 April - 21 May

You have such idealistic feelings at the moment and may not be able to shake them. It’s interesting how our beliefs start to become habitual to the point of addictive. This may not only relate to idealistic expectations of your future but also nostalgic memories of what could have, would have, should have been. All hypothetical ideas. You know you can't change the past but this is a time when can give yourself permission to fantasise about possible realities. At the end of the day, this is all a mental escape from where you are and what you have to do to fulfill the relationships you’re in now.


22 May - 21 June

Your professional activities strengthen you on all levels now while the Sun is gaining energy in your powerful one career sector. Generally, this is one of the better times of the year for you. You need to be vocal about any position you seek, rather than expecting others to somehow magically know exactly what it is you want. Playing the game of humility now may actually cost you the game, believe it or not. Rather, you mustn't be afraid to showcase your skills as long as it's done in a courteous and respectful way. You have opportunities to better yourself professionally and earn more money.


22 June - 23 July

You could be coming out of a haze or some sort of intellectual fog where you just couldn’t join the dots. Your head is getting clearer now and therefore, if you've postponed making any important decision, that was a wise move on your part. In fact, you are starting to see a whole new side to a situation that you thought you'd made your mind up on. Time can be a great clarifier gives you the opportunity to look at motivation not only action. If you've postponed things because you weren’t clear intuitively, you can now satisfy yourself that your decision is indeed a very well-informed one.


24 July - 23 August

Mars is relentless and provides you dynamic. You feel physically vital but there’s a danger of expending more energy than necessary. Containment is a vital keyword as this planet traverses your 5th house. While Mars is here you expect the amorous side of your nature shining through. Throughout the coming weeks you will be proactive in going after what you know fulfills you emotionally and spiritually, not just physically or sexually there. There may be someone nearby who is prepared to help you with a business idea or creative project and they may be instrumental in your ideas blossoming now.


24 August - 23 September

The Moon moves to your zone of friendships and social activities today. You probably crave the company of someone who can be with you without actually needing to say anything. It's more the company you require than any intellectual or verbal chitchat. This friend may act as a catalyst to heal you emotionally. Whether you talk or not, this person's presence will give you some deep, possibly profound insights into how to move forward. You’re starting to understand the value of non-verbal communication. You should feel refreshed with renewed insights after plugging into some good energy like that.


24 September - 23 October

Work is on your mind. But your mind may not necessarily be on your work. There's a dichotomy in the way you are approaching things. Your co-workers will most definitely notice this as well. Rather than seeing it as a bad thing, you need to take it as a pointer to an underlying issue relating to the integration of what you love…with what you do. Are these things aligned? Any misalignment in your own life reflects this inner misalignment perfectly. Life is a reflection of what's going on within you, and therefore solving these internal problems will be the key to your external, material success.


24 October - 22 November

The karmic forces are particularly strong now as the Moon moves through your 9th house of past karma. Many of your emotions and possibly even decisions will be based on the factors that may be unconsciously operating within you. At times, you will realise that these are even way out of your control. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as this area of the zodiac is considered your past karmic like point. Good things start to happen now and you are more driven in your urge to prove that you haven't "lost your touch". Continue to focus on the creative and conceptual rather than following the crowd.


23 November - 22 December

You are extremely convincing in your ideas now and mustn't be afraid to introduce methods that others feel aren’t appropriate in this modern age of digital sophistication. Technology certainly has everyone by the throat. The good old ways can still work their magic because after all, sometimes it also has as much to do with the packaging and how you present your offerings as what's “in the box”. Once you grab the interest of others, they’ll be prepared to forgive you for being a little old-fashioned if that's what they call it. Your key phrase today is fearlessness in the face of opposition.


23 December - 20 January

Your mind is romantic now but unless you're prepared to release yourself from any conditional terms of engagement so to speak, you’re not likely to experience the full potential of your current relationships. Remember: potential is not necessarily actual. It’s as if you have to come back to a situation fresh, with a clean emotional slate, if that's at all possible. We’re talking about mending things emotionally here. This may not be easy because although it's a two-way street you still need to be open and also vulnerable. If you want to kick start your relationship press the reset button.


21 January - 19 February

There’s something bothering you, which you can't quite put your finger on. The Moon is transiting the finicky and hypersensitive sixth house of its own sign. The routine of your family life can perhaps get chaotic at times and you’ll be looking to somehow recalibrate everyone's timetables and synchronise watches. Inefficiency can be a great source of mental and emotional anguish because it takes so much longer to do things thereby robbing you of valuable moments. You're on the right track. Get time under control and put yourself in the position where you're calling the shots, not others.

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