21 April - 21 May

You may need to make some frequent visits on behalf of a deal, problem, or circumstance that needs continual work. This may be a little annoying and is due to the Moon is transiting your third house of short journeys. Don�t shirk your responsibilities today because there are moments where you may be feeling just a tad lethargic. Your direct approach may be successful at getting your way but others may see you as a little pushy and this can actually make things more difficult in the long run. With a gentler approach, you can still get what you want, but without ruffling as many feathers in the process.


22 May - 21 June

This is a period in which hard work, accomplishments, dedication or helpfulness will be genuinely noticed and appreciated by others. You'll be pleased to hear this after the struggles encountered due to the transit of Saturn in your seventh house, having inhibited some of these relationships over the past year or so. If you've managed to be motivated lately, promotions are on the cards but you have to fight for it as shown by Mars in your Sun sign now. Feelings of approval boost your confidence. You could feel terrible handling some aspect of your work, now but look at the positive rather than the negative.


22 June - 23 July

A new, unanticipated door is about to open for you. This can be as simple as new opportunities concerning your work or business affairs, or as profound as an entirely new way of thinking and approaching life. Either way, this puts a new spin on things but remember, you have to be prepared to explore new avenues of your own psyche to retrieve those gems. This can be done fruitfully while Mars is transiting your 12th house of spiritual insights. You mustn�t plan yourself into a standstill, especially if others are hamstringing you on moving forward. A social event may be held up by others you're relying on.


24 July - 23 August

Your mental faculties are finely tuned but you'll be applying that to understanding your past history and mistakes more clearly. It's a psychological sort of day but one where you can apply your knowledge to your professional arena and skills to review your position and gain some merit in the eyes of your employers. While your ruler, the Sun is still transiting your 10th house of profession, you're able to make some headway in your career so don't waste valuable opportunities. It's profitable to travel with your partner to deepen your one on one relationship. It's a day of intimacy for you as well.


24 August - 23 September

Friends can be quite manipulative in the nicest of ways during the transit of the Moon opposite Pluto. This will be a good time to enjoy solidarity among your social groups but only after the air has cleared and those subtle emotional undercurrents are gone totally. Organising a family get-together will have a positive outcome, and there will be an increased sense of shared appreciation among those involved. Differences can be set aside. Sports activities attract new friends but need to be approached with caution because you're likely to be accident prone. Take any precautionary measures beforehand.


24 September - 23 October

Mars is trining your Sun sign so this could energise you but also make you somewhat hotheaded. Don't lose your cool today. Remember, that everything happens in its own good time and your patience may be lacking.�You'll be tested in this area now but if you can bring your emotions under control you can achieve a great deal. You can be persuasive but also demanding so try not to be too hard on others, especially the ones you love most. �You can counteract your fiery temperament by defaulting to your ruler Venus now moving through your relationship sector. You can you very persuasive and win over others.


24 October - 22 November

Sometimes it�s easier to avoid looking at the parts of our own character which need to be changed. Someone has possibly made you aware of an aspect of your character, albeit unintentionally. You�re advised to heed these constructive comments and use them for self-improvement just now while the Moon is transiting your sphere of spirituality while receiving a hard aspect from your ruler Pluto. This is a transformative energy which you should be receptive to now. The Sun will stabilise your relationships now while it transits your marital sector. New partnerships, even business ones, can also be formed now.


23 November - 22 December

There is electricity in the air, an excitement and enthusiasm that is rare and this is due to the increasing power of Mars in your zone of key relationships. During this period you could boldly enjoy what is happening and confidently expect good results, even if you don't know quite where they are coming from. You may have some concern regarding your physical intimacy or sexual experiences while the Moon is transiting your eighth house. This is a signal more to do with your emotions requiring expression than anything else. But also directing these feelings to the right people at the appropriate time.


23 December - 20 January

You may not feel particularly comfortable in your most personal relationships during the Moon transiting opposite Pluto. You could feel dominated by your partner and may not quite know how to deal with this. Don't let negative emotions escalate under this transit. Talk openly about your feelings. Your personal views mustn�t get mixed up with your professional duties. You may need to hold back from speaking your mind on something, as much as you want to. You may use your abilities to uncover corruption or find a greater compassion for people who have been victims of abuses or who are less privileged than you.


21 January - 19 February

Your social skills will, for the most part, improve during this period and continue for some time; however, you could also be worried about your health for some reason. While the Moon is transiting your sixth house of health issues there are indications now that you may be intolerant to certain foods or even particular environments. This will impact you emotionally and mentally. You need to analyse and get to the bottom of this. �An outing could distract you, at least. Keeping others at arm's length is a distinct advantage, especially if you feel you are being used. Create desire and value for yourself today.


20 February - 20 March

Your thinking is slow and maybe even quite changeable but so, it should be while the Moon is transiting your fifth house which relates to your creative mind. The last thing you want is to rush into a decision that�s wrong. Sure, trust your intuition but balance that with some careful forethought. You could be looking at another promotion or at least some distinction that gives you a sense of pride. Is this what you really want to do though? That's a pretty important question and centres around financial concepts and how that relates to the work you do and whether or not you are spiritually connected to that.


21 March - 20 April

People may be demanding today, especially within your work sphere and they may expect more of you and you may feel as if you�re simply being picked upon. But there's a lesson in all of this which will wear you out while it breaks you down. Through this process of elimination of the unnecessary, an amazing transformation will take place. At the moment you are highly receptive to the world around you. This is a great time to absorb new experiences or places, and to develop an appreciation for life and existence, regardless of your position in it. Also, it's best to be diplomatic in your discussions.

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