24 July - 23 August

It's a wired, edgy sort of day and the hard aspects of planets such as the Moon and Mercury in retrograde lead to additional confusion. This is likely to be an intense day. Get plenty of rest beforehand. Negotiation may be on the table but you need to look at the fine print before committing. Even if you’re fully justified ripping shreds off someone today, do you want to run the risk of losing your peace of mind and regretting your words later? Today is a day of self-control and this will afford you opportunities to prove that you are the master rather than the servant of your emotions and your mind.


24 August - 23 September

Take a short break if work or people are overcrowding you. You’ll come back refreshed with new insights. You may hear some tantalising news through a friend but don’t be the one to spread gossip. Secretiveness is your keyword today. You are quick to see the compromises you've accepted in your life up until now especially in relationships. Now you feel more alive, more determined, and more motivated to make real progress in your life. In particular, you do not overlook issues that you are willing to overlook at other times. If you have any deeply ingrained bad habits it's time to extricate these "weeds" from your life.


24 September - 23 October

You have the capacity to overcome great odds under these cycles. On the negative side, you'll be controlling and find it hard to separate the desire for achievement from control issues. This will be your core focus until the end of the month. You may not feel yourself and this is because of some spiritual transformation taking place from within. Simply observe and make no judgments. You may be feeling a bit serious about relationships now. The idea is to think about your partnership goals. If you are willing to work patiently now and wait for your rewards, you can establish a solid foundation for a long lasting relationship with others.


24 October - 22 November

Choose your words carefully today as there's power in the sentences you string together. Through the creative use of non-verbal communication, you can make an impact. Sometimes you need to step away from people who are toxic especially if you've tried to resolve problems but to no avail. If vampires are eroding your valuable time, you need to put a stop to it now. Working hard to earn money is an important component of success but working smart is even more important. Learn the difference. If you are comparing yourself to others, you are limiting your relationships. You need to accept your friendships on their own merits.


23 November - 22 December

You may feel emotionally manipulated by someone while the Moon is transiting your seventh house of relationships simultaneously with Venus in a hard aspect to Pluto. Emotional manipulation is common under this celestial pattern. Only you can allow or disallow this. Say no if necessary. You are tired of superficial stories, people and events. These things seem hollow to you today, and you will look for something deeper and more inspirational. If the pace at which you are living is getting you down, you need to put the brakes on. You are not a victim but the master of your fate. Time needs to be managed better.


23 December - 20 January

We are often busy but try to be accessible to others right now as someone needs your interpretation and support and will appreciate the time you give them. You're apprehensive about replacing some of your old ways with new ones but the moment you instigate a new course of action, you will breathe a sigh of relief. You are confused today and likely to absorb the negative energies of others. It’s not possible to shut out the world, but don’t super impose or project your negative feelings on others. You experience opposition now, and it may relate to permission to do something or go somewhere. You need to assert your independence.


21 January - 19 February

If you've been hiding it's time to become more outgoing and to express that creative side of your personality. Getting out and about and moving outside your home turf will expand your mind and give you a taste of different cultures and views. You could be so entrenched in the way things have always been done in the past that you are not receptive to a new and better way to do it. Keep an open mind. Death and taxes are supposed to be two of the most certain things in life. Well, friends changing their minds is another. Don’t be surprised if plans hiccough as a result of a shift in mood from those you counted on.


20 February - 20 March

Don't be a sucker to those who want to use you financially and this goes for your family members while the Moon is transiting your fourth house in a square aspect to retrograde Mercury. You could undergo some sort of loss if you aren't diligent. It's almost certain that you'll make it your business to take on board a position that will up the ante on your weekly income and add prestige to your daily life. A recurring need to help someone could be the reason they continually need you. You need to show them how to help themselves. Helping youngsters make the right choices may tie you up today. Your assistance will make a difference.


21 March - 20 April

Change is in the air right now but this may not necessarily be self-initiated. With the Moon transiting your third house you want to change but may also be obstructed with Mercury retrograde and squaring. Also, to cushion yourself against any unforeseen financial difficulties, it's a good idea to begin cutting back on some expenses in the coming days even if you have become accustomed to having enough to manage things. Ensure that your future security is not jeopardised by waste and an uncontrollable ego. Over the coming few days you may also have the opportunity to meet someone new and connect emotionally as well as mentally.


21 April - 21 May

There are some inconsistencies in your finances and this continues to punch a hole in your savings. The Moon and Mercury are not in a particularly favourable aspect and this can also create confusion in your mind by giving you a force sense of hope. Look at how you can patch this up by looking at things and seeing them as they are. Creating a secluded environment at home may require considerable attention and expenditure. You need to retreat to balance your hectic life just now. You need to think of alternative ways out of a situation that you've gotten yourself into. At least pretend you aren't as worked up as you actually are.


22 May - 21 June

It's not the title that matters but the money you make and while you're obsessed about having a carefree and successful lifestyle you mustn't allow imbalanced to creep into your life. Don't be afraid to take on an optional role if it could work to your advantage. You can handle problems with rapid-fire mental acuity. Your solutions to problems are also correct. Avoid second-guessing yourself. Your interest in beauty, culture and the arts are strong during this cycle. You need someone who shares your desire for these more refined activities. You may incur a loss through your own extravagance and carelessness.


22 June - 23 July

Mars and Saturn create a more stabilising state of affairs in your personal and business partnerships today. But this still a danger that you're recovering up your emotions and there is a risk that you’ll explode. It’s better to speak now than cut off someone’s head off later. You will not be able to deal with false pretences or superficial individuals today. You may turn away from a friend whose true colours emerge. If you don’t listen carefully enough to what is being said, you will miss the salient points. Read between the lines in any meeting today. It should be a busy day with a lot of errands, phone calls and physical movement.

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