No regulated parking for school

THE troublesome parking areas surrounding Warwick West State School will not have regulated parking installed, despite outcries from a frustrated resident.

A report presented to council during a meeting yesterday recommended no further action be taken in the area, following parking complaints in Pratten St, adjacent to the school.

One Pratten St resident complained that teachers would park outside her residence on a daily basis, sometimes blocking her driveway and restricting visitors' accidents to her home.

The woman has lived in the area for decades but said the reluctance of teachers to walk a bit further to the school grounds was creating congestion around her home.

She said she had no problem with parents parking briefly to walk their children to class but called for one-hour time limits to be placed on parking in the area.

Yesterday's report said director of engineering Peter See had checked on the situation twice-weekly since May 2011, on a random basis but inside school hours.

Mr See observed on all occasions that cars were parked within the designated spaces and at no time were driveways obstructed, in his opinion.

The checks eventuated after the issue was first raised at the engineering services committee meeting on May 17 of this year.

In August of this year, parking spaces surrounding the school were marked out where they were not already, following a request from Mr See.

The Pratten St resident was still not satisfied with this decision, saying she didn't want the parking bays outside of her home.

Mr See also took into consideration the "limited time" the parking area is utilised throughout the year.

The report highlights that school operates for 196 days per year - or 54% of the year - and concluded there was no need for regulated parking to be installed.

Councillors yesterday agreed that no further actions was required in regards to the parking problems and expressed their intention to contact the initial complaint to explain the decision.

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