10 things to remember when you move out of a rental property

I HAVE moved from six rental properties on my own, and helped my mother when we relocated from two while growing up.

Along the way, I have picked up one or two tips or new things that need addressing each time I've moved. 

If you have never moved out of a rental property before, or it has been a while between moves and you are not sure you remember what needs to be done to get your bond money back, here are some useful tips I have collaborated:


1. Curtains

Many rental properties come with curtains and, depending on what material they are made from, they will more than likely need cleaning in order to get your bond money back.

Some curtains can be steam cleaned, others washed in the machine, but there are some that will require drycleaning.

Here is a website with tips about how to clean the curtains that you can do yourself: Cleaning curtains   

2. Mattresses

Some rental properties come partially furnished, including beds. What many renters don't realise is that furnished properties require all supplied furniture that is covered in material to be steam cleaned, including couches and mattresses. Here is a website full of tips about taking care of mattresses: Mattresses care cleaning tips

3. Carpets

Most people know that in order to get your bond money back, you have to get your carpets cleaned by a professional and provide a receipt. Throughout your lease, you may spill a glass of wine accidentally on the carpet, or walk in gum you've trodden on outside that someone has carelessly left on the ground. These stains or sticky items stuck to the carpet can be removed before professionals come in and charge extra for such work. Here are some tips how: Stains and sticky things in carpets

4. Garden and lawns

If your property has a garden, you will need to make sure it has been trimmed, tidied and all rubbish removed before you hand the keys in. Some property managers will also penalise lawns that been left to die, so if it hasn't rained in a while, you might want to water your lawn in the weeks leading up to exiting the property and mow it a few days before you go.

5. Phones

A friend recently learned about the costly exercise of moving properties, particularly when you have Netflix and at least one of the household members is a gamer or spends a lot of time on the internet for other purposes.

The service provider - Telstra - has three 'packages' to help people move. The lowest being $59 and the Gold package being $399. My friend was advised by another to chat to Telstra via the 24x7 app and they should be able to get the connections sorted for less.

And if you only have a mobile phone, you still need to ring your provider to change your address.

6. Electricity

Don't forget to disconnect your electricity for the day after you move out and hand keys back to real estate agent! 

The last thing you want is to forget to disconnect at the old residence and end up paying for the new tenants power supply.

You are less likely to forget this if you are moving into a new rental property or your own home, but sometimes you are moving into share accommodation or interstate where you have the options of using a different provider.

7. Carports, garages, patios and balconies

More often than not, these areas are forgotten about in the clean up as we generally don't have skin contact with the areas that need attention.

Carports and garages in particular are prone to have oil stains. Here is a video with some tips to remove oil stains from concrete:

Balconies and patios can be riddle with stains and other dirty substances that need cleaning - bird droppings, pollen residue, dust, rain/dust/bugs on windows and doors attached to the balcony or patio.

Here is one blog full of tips about cleaning balconies/patios: Balcony Cleaning Tips for your House or Apartment

8. Ceiling fans and light fittings

We don't tend to look at the ceiling for copious amounts of time .... not enough to remind us that dust and dead bugs gather in odd places like on ceiling fans and light fittings. Unless of course, you have a cat, a bird, or young boys in the house (I've heard some interesting stories from the parents of young boys involving ceiling fans).

And here are some tips on how to clean ceiling fans, particularly for short people: Ceiling fan cleaning

9. One for the pet owners

If you own pets, not only do you have to clean up their rubbish, but you also have to fork out money for professionals to carry out pest control after the pets have been relocated. This is usual highlighted in your tenancy agreement before you move in as part of the agreement that you can have pets at the rental property.

10. Bins

Once you've removed all the rubbish from the property and the bins have been emptied, the bins then need to be cleaned before handing back keys. This is usually fairly easy - get a hose, broom (for scrubbing the bottom of the bin, and dishwashing detergent (you might want to also add an antibacterial like bleach to kill smells and germs) and get scrubbing. Don't forget to leave the bin upside down afterwards for it to dry out.


Do you have any more tips for people moving out of rental properties? Tell us in comments below

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