Girl brawler 'bragged on Facebook'

A TEENAGE girl charged over a massive brawl in suburban Warwick earlier this month has allegedly joked and bragged on Facebook about smashing another girl’s jaw in the fight.

As reported on Monday April 4, police were called to a residence at the corner of Gore and Percy Streets the previous Friday evening where a melee was in progress.

Up to 20 people were involved in the pitched battle, with torn-off fence palings understood to have been used as weapons.

A spokesman for the Warwick Police Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) yesterday said two 17 year old females had been arrested in connection with the incident, which left another girl with her jaw smashed in two places.

Police will allege in court that her head was kicked and stomped on while she lay on the ground.

The two teens have each been charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm – which carries a maximum jail term of 14 years – and are due to appear in the Warwick Magistrates Court on May 13.

They were located by police at a residence on Wood Street in Warwick on Monday.

While they are not juveniles before the courts, they cannot be named at this stage as they are yet to appear.

Police will allege that one of the girls posted a comment on her Facebook page a short time after the fight.

The comment is believed to contain words to the effect of, “Haha another mad brawl to add to the collection” and “F—k I love kickin and stompin bitches”.

The injured girl was taken to Warwick Hospital on the night in question and required her jaw to be fully wired.

She is now recovering out of hospital and is from Toowoomba.

The CIB spokesman said the age of the teens involved was of concern to the police.

“What has happened is that a number of people were attending a birthday party at the residence and a disagreement has happened which has led to a brawl erupting on the street,” the spokesman said.

“We understand that a number of phone calls were made to other individuals to come and join in the violence, which is a disgrace.

“It is disturbing to police that the girl who has been injured had her head stomped on while she was on the ground and unable to go anywhere.”

He said the girl’s jaw was “split in half, right down the middle”.

As previously reported, those involved scattered when police arrived at the scene and a number of people were taken to Warwick Hospital in private vehicles.

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