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Family mourns 21yo girl lost in tragic ute rollover

FORMER Warwick girl Mary Mullins died after her ute rolled on the Mary Valley Highway in Gympie on Sunday morning.

The 21-year-old was born in Warwick and attended Wheatvale State School and Warwick State High School.

Mary moved with her family to Gympie when she was 14 years old.

The accident occurred on her way to work in the rain about 5.30am on Sunday when her dual-cab Bravo ute went out of control in slippery conditions and rolled several times over about 20m on a sloping corner at Lagoon Pocket.

It came to rest on its wheels but Mary died as a result of her injuries before firefighters could get her out.

She had been travelling alone and there were no other vehicles involved in the crash.

The 21-year-old became the third young person to lose their lives on one of Gympie's regional country roads in the past two weeks.

Mary's family visited the site of the tragedy collecting small items that had been strewn along the side of the road and tying a bunch of flowers and a small teddy bear to a sign on the side of the road.

Gympie Police District Superintendent Chris Sang said the loss of any life in a road crash was not acceptable, and warned motorists of the dangers of roads like the Mary Valley Hwy.

"(On Sunday) a young life was lost to a fatal road crash," he said.

"The despair is cast broadly for the family and friends of this young person.

"It is impossible for anyone to make sense of the carnage and tragedy caused by this fatal road crash.

"We are urging everyone in the community to help us stop the senseless and disturbing road toll trend across the region.

"Travelling along a rural highway with a speed limit of 100kmh or 80kmh and you have a road crash, your chances of being killed are extremely high."

Supt Sang said speeding, using mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts and "inattention to driving" all contributed to fatal accidents.

"Don't speed, don't drive if you're fatigued, wear your seatbelt, don't drink and drive, don't use mobile telephones when driving and above all, pay attention to your driving at all times," he said.

"We are pleading with motorists to take extra care , to follow the fatal four and ensure they don't become another statistic."

Forensic Crash Unit officers are investigating the crash.


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