THE future jobs of 230 meatworkers remained in jeopardy yesterday after the owner of abattoirs in Pittsworth and Killarney closed down the facilities.

Leitch Pastoral Group called a meeting at noon to inform employees that both the Killarney abattoir and Pittsworth Food Processors would be shut down and they would be stood down at the end of the day.

An announcement on the future of the businesses is expected on Friday.

Management on-site in Pittsworth were confident the plant would reopen, but some of the 110 workers were not as optimistic.

“I guess I’m going to have to find another job,” Fabien McLoughlin said.

Pittsworth local Leah Teddy, 18, who had worked at the abattoir for nine months, said all of the plant’s employees had remained at work yesterday despite the announcement.

But she said the day’s news had made for a grim afternoon.

“It wasn’t very good at all,” Miss Teddy said.

Leitch Pastoral Group operations manager Rob Doro said a number of factors were behind the decision.

“The operational issues relate to a myriad of business issues — and financial issues are one of those, along with the ability to source livestock and also the competitive marketplace within the meat industry,” he said.

Mr Doro would not comment further until Friday.

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