George St resident Tracey Kettle was happy to see the new car parks along the street.
George St resident Tracey Kettle was happy to see the new car parks along the street. Emma Channon

42 spaces ease parking chaos

PARKING woes around west Warwick have been eased after the Daily News highlighted the issue last week, with council adding an extra 42 car spaces in Locke and George streets.

About 16 parks outside the hospital and another 26 near Warwick West State School have been created in response to concerns raised by parents and hospital staff.

A Southern Downs Regional Council spokeswoman said council had decided on the installation of extra car parks after physically inspecting the problematic sites.

“Council painted the new parking spaces after following up on correspondence from a local resident about cars parking across driveways and so on during these peak times,” the spokeswoman said.

“This was in response to issues raised by local residents to do with parking during school pick-up and drop-off times at Warwick West State School.”

The spokeswoman said more spaces were created on Locke St after a request by Dr Slattery to provide “safer options near his surgery”.

“The new marked car parks are designed to prevent parking across driveways in the vicinity (of the school and hospital),” the spokeswoman said.

There were mixed reviews about the added car parks from George St residents, but largely the response was a positive one.

“I think they're a good thing,” resident Tracey Kettle told the Daily News.

“I didn't find the parking problem too bad to begin with – we could move around the cars in the street.

“But it's nice to have the spaces assigned for cars now and it will be safer for the kids.”

Outside Mrs Kettle's home is just one car park. Previously, she said up to three cars would squeeze into the length.

“I think they only made one car park because of the fire hose (under the street) and the speed hump further on,” she said.

“I guess it's nice to have just one vehicle there now.”

Across the road, another resident said she didn't even consider parking to be an issue on George St.

“I've lived here for 33 years and I bought the house when the school was here, so I knew what to expect,” she said.

“You just put up with it and work around it. I make sure I don't go out between 3-4pm and I'm out of home before 8am.”

The car parks have no signed time limit.

George St resident Jamie Fischer was not convinced about the layout of the car parks.

“They're being measured pretty close to the driveways,” Mr Fischer said.

“If a car parks outside the lines, they'll be right on the driveway. For us, we get a lot of people that half park on our driveway.”

Mr Fischer said it would also be harder to negotiate a turn out of the driveway with a car parked so close.

“We also have to be really careful about letting our kids play in the front yard,” he said.

“You can't (let them play) during school pick-up hours – it's too much of a risk.”

On other parking-related issues, motorists in Warwick's CBD were more mindful of their parking limits in May than in previous months since a parking officer was appointed by council.

About 13 parking tickets – comprising 12 $20 fines and one $50 fine – were handed out last month.

This compared with 22 in April (all $20) and 15 tickets in February and March.

None have been issued as yet this month.

The council spokeswoman said three Warwick businesses had written to thank council for the increased parking patrols in the CBD.


Parking fines

January: 19 x $20 tickets; 1 x $50

February: 15 x $20 tickets; 0 x $50

March: 15 x $20 tickets; 0 x $50

April: 22 x $20 tickets; 0 x $50

May: 12 x $20 tickets; 1 x $50

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