$5M pipeline halfway there for Allora folk

ABOUT 2000 pieces of pipe have been laid with the $5 million pipeline to Allora 50% complete.

Local Jon Constable said currently Allora water was very hard and looked forward to the completion of the project.

"The calcium just takes over everything," he said.

"While there are no health consequences, the water affects general liveability.

"It tastes disgusting and destroys washing machines; leaves build up on baths and taps."

A spokeswoman for Southern Downs Regional Council said the design of the project ensured a usable service for the community into the future.

"The project began late last year at the Browns Rd crossing of Backwater Creek," she said.

"The project will be completed in several stages but overall there will be about 26km of water pipe from the Freestone Reservoir to Allora.

"We anticipate the pipeline will be completed by the end of June."

Allora Show Society president Shirley Cornhill said she was concerned about the water rates rise.

"I don't like Allora or Warwick water," she said.

"I assume the cost will go up and I'm worried about it being yet another cost for the show society.

"I also don't like the fact they put the water pipe through everyone's paddocks, but we were told that's how they had to do it."

Construction manager Glenn Fischer said laying the pipe was not quite as simple as digging trenches and dropping pipes in.

He said everything would be laid "at grade", rather than following land contours, which meant it would be stronger in the long-term.

"Each section will be laser- levelled and we are using a concrete skin to keep pipes in place, and covering with geo- fabric layers," he said.

"There will be valves at regular intervals so if the pipeline were to be damaged in any way - say by farm machinery - we can isolate that section and we won't have to flush out the entire pipeline.

"Most trenches will be a depth of 1200 and 1500mm, but this creek section is a three-metre excavation."

The new line will deliver 700KL litres per day.

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