Apex Club desperate for new blood

WARWICK Apex president Neil Briscoe would love to see his club thrive but with members nearing retirement he fears the local branch could fold.

“Warwick could be without an Apex Club which would be really sad,” he said.

He said he felt Apex's numbers had dwindled over the years because people just didn't know what the organisation was about.

“They see us out selling raffle tickets and doing sausage sizzles but don't really know why we are there,” he said.

Mr Briscoe said Apex had a great deal to offer to communities but even more so, it was a great tool for personal development.

He said the club was for young people, aged 18-45 years old and was all about promoting understanding and friendship and serving the community.

“One of the things I would love to see get off the ground more than anything would be the Apex Australian Teenage Fashion Awards (AATFA) which sees the club support young designers,” he said.

“They are a fashion awards with teens from all over Australia designing their own clothes.

“If we had the resources in Warwick we could have our own competition locally and send them off to the national awards all over Australia.

“Generally when Apex runs these shows we pay for the cost of transport and accommodation and the only cost the participants is the actual materials for the designs.”

He said there were also many other skills to be gained in the club.

“You learn public speaking, money handling, balancing books and event co-ordination,” he said.

“Before joining Apex, if I had to speak in front of five people, I would stand there stuttering and stammering,” he said.

“But now I can do it at a state level and I really enjoy the experience.

“I have competed at state level twice, most recently in June where I placed second.”

While Mr Briscoe stumbled upon the Apex Club in 1994 after getting ringed into helping a mate build a shed, he encouraged other locals to step up and give it a go.

“It's not a lot of time, one meeting a fortnight, five or six hours a month helping out others,” he said.

If you are interested in learning more about Apex, call Neil Briscoe on 0488 619 671.

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