Forecast for the week beginning 19th August 2013

THE weather was a bit of a mixed bag at the weekend with overcast, stormy conditions on Saturday and fine and sunny conditions Sunday.

A vigorous surface trough moved through the region on Saturday and this produced some showers and a couple of single-cell, fast moving storms.

Not much rain was recorded from the system and there were no reports of hail or high winds.

Sunday was a perfect day for the Leyburn Sprints with blue skies and temperatures in the mid-20s after a foggy morning.

Today will see the trough move offshore and a high will take up position in the Bight. A ridge will form over our region, keeping us fine and sunny after a cool morning with moderate winds from the west. Areas to the south of Warwick can expect some frost. Temps: 3-21 degrees.

Tomorrow will see the high move east as the region cools down. It should be fine and sunny but it will not warm up much during the day. Frost can be expected in low-lying areas with moderate south-westerly winds. Temps: 3-16 degrees.

Wednesday is going to see a cold start as another high over Western Australia extends a ridge across the southern parts of the state. This will keep the region sunny, dry and clear once again but will cool down to some of the lowest temperatures this year.

Extensive frosts can be expected with low daytime temperatures. Winds from the south-west. Temps: -3-15 degrees.

Thursday will be clear, with a cold morning and extensive frosts. Winds should be light to moderate from the SW as a ridge of high pressure moves slowly east. Temps: -2-15 degrees.

Two highs come into play across the country on Friday and this will keep the region clear and cool. Frosts can once again be expected and winds should be moderate from the west. Temps: 0-18 degrees.

The weekend is looking fine and clear with cool mornings and frosts in low-lying areas.

Terry West, Southern Downs Weather & Storm Chasing


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