Speedsters wreaking holiday havoc on roads

SPEED demons are causing the most trouble for Queensland Police as officers try to stem the rising road toll these Christmas holidays.

Road Policing Command Inspector Peter Flanders said a speed camera in the southern police region, which includes the Darling Downs, Ipswich, the south-west and Moreton, clocked a driver travelling 84kmh over the limit on Monday.

The motorist was travelling in a 100kmh zone on the Bruce Hwy at Burpengary.

A sedan driver on the Centenary Hwy at Ripley was caught doing 141kmh in a 100kmh zone and another car was clocked at 47kmh over the 100kmh limit on the New England Hwy at Ballandean.

"If something goes wrong... it doesn't matter if you're the greatest driver in the world," said Insp Flanders, the officer in charge of the police road safety campaign.

"The tiniest thing has to happen and that person's dead or another person's dead.

"A number of families will not have the same people at the Christmas table next year."

Insp Flanders said police struggled to get the Fatal Five message - to pay attention, wear a seatbelt and avoid speeding, driving while fatigued and drink and drug driving - across to 10% of drivers.

Six drunk drivers were caught on the roads in the southern region on Monday, day six of the campaign.

A drunk driver caught at Woodford had a blood alcohol level of 0.241%.

"Warnings get through to 90% of people," Insp Flanders said.

"The other 10% take their own life... and they take these risks with our lives."


December 28 QLD statistics

  • Fatals: 0
  • People injured: 4
  • Random breath tests: 13,638
  • Drink drivers: 41
  • Random drug tests: 229
  • Roadside positive tests: 46
  • Speed camera detections: 3143
  • Speeding (other): 861
  • Seatbelt offences: 31
  • Mobile phone offences: 52
  • Other offences: 804

Source: Queensland Police Service

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