SAFE NOW: Glenys Norton has devoted her life and her home to animals in need.
SAFE NOW: Glenys Norton has devoted her life and her home to animals in need. Jonno Colfs

A DAY IN THE LIFE - Glenys Norton

THERE'S a difference between being an 'animal lover' and devoting your life to going above and beyond in the care and welfare of our furry friends, which is something Glenys Norton knows a lot about.

Since moving to Warwick seven years from Perth, Glenys and husband Bill have been tireless campaigners, carers and fundraisers for Warwick Animal Welfare.

Mrs Norton said even though animal rescue and caring was a rewarding and positive experience, it did have its downside.

"I will never figure out how people can mistreat and abandon their pets,” she said.

"It's heart-breaking.

"People don't realise the effect their careless actions have on the animal, suddenly alone and left to fend for itself, or in an abusive home.

"Often not a single thought is given the animal's welfare.”

Mrs Norton said she'd learned to share her house with her rescued and traumatised animals.

Over the years Mrs Norton has saved dozens from birds to dogs and cats, some of which she's become so attached to she's been unable to part with them, when the time came.

"We were alerted to the plight of a gorgeous little Maltese cross dog, who'd been rescued from an abusive home environment in Inglewood,” she said.

"When I first saw her she was in a terrible condition.

"The poor dog was completely terrified.

"So much so that we thought it might have been a bit too much to rehome her - some people just can't or don't know how to handle the issues the dog has suffered.”

Twelve months one and now named Rosie, the little Maltese cross has made vast improvements but her journey is not complete yet.

"Bill absolutely adores her,” Mrs Norton said.

"There was no way we were ever going to let her go.

"It's been a long slow process, but she's much better than she was - loud voices and shouting still scare her and it's obvious she's still affected.

"However it's so wonderful to see where she is now and to see what can happen when an animal is treated the right way.

"I get a huge amount of satisfaction in being able to turn an animal's life around.”

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