A DAY IN THE LIFE: Kim Siebenhausen

BUSINESS SENSE: Warwick businesswoman Kim Siebenhausen is one crafty lady.
BUSINESS SENSE: Warwick businesswoman Kim Siebenhausen is one crafty lady. Jonno Colfs

WARWICK businesswoman Kim Siebenhausen attributes her longevity and success to picking the right business partners.

Mrs Siebenhausen, owner of Stephanie's Lingerie, said a recent move in the centre of town had also breathed new life into the business.

"I was a bit out of the way at the top end of the street,” she said.

"Now there's more foot traffic and I feel more a part of the community.

"I've had nothing but good feedback about the move as well, which has been lovely and satisfying.”

Mrs Siebenhausen, born and bred in Warwick, attended Glennie Heights School and Warwick High.

"I had my heart set on becoming a hairdresser and, after I finished Year 12, that's exactly what I did,” she said.

After completing an apprenticeship at Continental Hairdressers, Mrs Siebenhausen went into business with best friend Melissa Miller.

The pair opened their own salon, Silver Scissors in the Westside Shopping Centre.

"I worked there for seven years,” she said.

"I stopped work then to raise my daughter Emma for three years before getting a job with Noela Siddans at Warwick Patchwork.”

Mrs Siebenhausen said she had always been the crafty type.

"It's been a major love of mine for years. My mum and grandmother were big into handicraft and, of course, I wanted to be able to do the sorts of things they were doing,” she said.

"They passed on patchwork, knitting, crocheting and lots of other skills, which I've since passed onto my daughter.

"I think with the advent of the internet, craft work has made a big comeback. Due to the unlimited access we now have to lessons and patterns, you can do anything.”

In 2008 and looking for another change, Mrs Siebenhausen bought into Stephanie's Lingerie, again with Noela Siddans.

"I've been so lucky with the business partners I've had,” she said.

"They've both been close friends and it's been a pleasure the whole way.”

Then in 2013, Mrs Siebenhausen became the sole owner of the business when Mrs Siddans retired.

When she's not helping Warwick's women find their perfect fit, Mrs Siebenhausen says she's at home - her little slice of paradise.

"We've got 70 acres out of town with lots of animals,” she said. "I'd love to spend more time there, that's the goal for the future.”

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