A drunken rampage lands Warwick man in court

DESPITE being so drunk he had no recollection of the night he attempted to hijack a golf cart and clambered across residential roofs, Andrew Neville Boney last week pleaded guilty to a string of criminal offences.

Boney kicked off his November 12 evening by helping a friend celebrate a financial windfall by drinking copious amounts of "top shelf" liquors.

At 7.30pm the 24-year-old arrived at the Oaks Nursing Home and pressed the buzzer at the front door.

When a nurse responded, Boney didn't reply and was soon spotted peering through the windows before running off.

The father-of-three tried to start the golf cart belonging to the nursing home and when he failed, rifled through the glove compartment.

A neighbouring resident witnessed Boney climbing fences and scaling roofs of houses, at one point ripping flyscreens from windows and jumping from the second-storey of a home.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said a woman was terrified to find Boney looking at her through a window.

When he was arrested and taken to the watchhouse, Boney tore a mattress he was given to sleep on.

Solicitor Daniel Habermann told the court his client had an alcohol problem and had drunk enough to "stun a horse" that evening.

He added his client was ashamed of himself and needed to change his life.

"He is definitely at a crossroads and if he keeps going the way he is going he is going to get locked up for longer and longer times," he said.

Boney was ordered to serve a six-month intensive correctional order, which is also known as jail in the community.

He will be required to complete community service and adhere to strict reporting conditions during that time.

At the time of these offences, Boney was also subject to a three-month suspended jail sentence.

That was last week activated and the Warwick man was placed on immediate parole.

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