Family pet shot in front of child

A MAN who allegedly shot dead a neighbour's dog in front of the owner's young child near Stanthorpe has been charged with unlawfully killing an animal.

A Stanthorpe Police spokesman said on August 6 police attended an incident at Marinis Road at Mt Tully, where it is alleged a Maremma dog escaped from a property after getting off its leash and was running up the road, closely followed by the owner's child.

A neighbouring property owner is then said to have shot the dog and killed it, before allegedly dragging the lifeless body of the dog onto his own property where he commenced to burn the dead animal.

Stanthorpe police allege the weapon used in the killing was a large-calibre .300 magnum rifle, more commonly used for hunting large animals such as buffalo.

It is understood the boy had been running after the dog and lost sight of it briefly before he heard a gunshot.

His father was following closely behind and directed the other property owner to leave the body of the dog where it was while he phoned the police, but police will allege the offender moved the dog inside his own property where he burnt it.

Police will also allege the man stated to them that he had shot the dog as it was on his property, but a blood trail was found leading from the road into the private property.

The police spokesman said a 45-year-old man had subsequently been charged with the offences of discharging a weapon in public, dangerous conduct with a weapon, unlawfully killing an animal and stealing an animal.

Marinis Rd resident Ann Barry said she was shocked to hear of the incident.

She said she hadn't seen any police in the area and had no idea it had happened.

While she thinks she knows who the owner of the dog is, she was horrified the incident happened in front of a child.

“We've never had any problems like that round here,” Ms Barry said.

“We have a couple of cows, as do some neighbours, but there are no sheep or anything.”

Ms Barry, herself a dog owner, said she was glad her pets were in Brisbane at the moment as she would be concerned for the safety of the animals.

The man charged is due to appear in Stanthorpe Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

In other Stanthorpe police news a 40-year-old man was charged with public nuisance and serious assault just after midnight last Saturday and his 41-year-old female partner with obstructing police as a result of an incident at the corner of Lock and High Sts.

A New South Wales Police patrol returning to Tenterfield after attending an incident at Liston was driving past the Stanthorpe Hotel when they observed the male behaving in a disorderly manner and as a result intervened.

Stanthorpe Police attended and the male was arrested, with the offender’s female companion then coming to his aid.

“When placed in the rear of the police van, the male offender spat at the New South Wales police officer striking him in the chest,” Senior Sergeant Mark Ireland said.

“Both will face Stanthorpe Magistrates Court.”

Last Wednesday police intercepted a Mitsubishi sedan at Thorndale Road at Broadwater and located a quantity of amphetamines in the vehicle.

“The 20-year-old occupant of the vehicle stated that he had obtained the tablets when visiting the Gold Coast,” Snr Sgt Ireland said.

“The offender was charged with possessing a dangerous drug.”

He also said that on August 25 police executed a search warrant on a premises in Lane St at Stanthorpe, locating six bags of dried cannabis and a smoking utensil.

A 24-year-old male occupant of the house was charged with possessing dangerous drugs and smoking implements, while his 22-year-old male companion was charged with stealing electrical power from Ergon after it was found that he had manipulated wiring at the dwelling.

Also on that day police intercepted a vehicle at Cottonvale locating a tin containing a quantity of cannabis in the vehicle. The 27-year-old man was charged with possessing a dangerous drug.

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