PM Scott Morrison is facing much worse than dirty shoes.
PM Scott Morrison is facing much worse than dirty shoes. Kym Smith

A pair of shoes can say so much


SCOMO'S shoes.

If you asked me 12 months ago to list 100 things I care least about, I don't think this pair would've even made the cut.

But after some Photoshop wizardry which displayed editing skills on par with a penguin, the shoes of our soon-to-be former PM have captured my imagination.

It was just about the perfect summation of this government, in its various forms, for the past few years.

All smoke and mirrors, deception and absolutely inept, unable to carry out the most basic of its functions.

Whoever did this had one job.

Photoshop the shoes out.

This government has one job. Serve its people.

Both have been spectacular failures.

Why did the shoes need adjusting anyway?

Would anyone in the country actually have looked at that photo and decided, based upon the glimpse of footwear, they would not be voting for the Coalition?

Surely they've already decided long before now and on issues of far greater significance than a pair of shoes, that this party at present is simply not fit to govern.

It reeked of vanity. Idiocy even.

Someone, somewhere, was paid with our money to go to the trouble of making that adjustment.

It's this flagrant waste of our money on self-serving interests that the public is so fed up with.

Whether it's Bronwyn Bishop flying choppers, Peter Dutton wielding his power to help out a few mates with some nanny issues or pollies on a base wage of more than $195,000 a year claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of entitlements, the gravy train knows no bounds.

The complete and utter failure to grasp that mood is yet another failure which looks set to be fairly heavily punished.

I saw an alternate theory, that it was a sophisticated PR stunt to allow Scott Morrison to make a statement and appear a more affable bloke.

Throwing his team under the bus in the process kind of negated any positive PR it may have somehow generated.

There's a recurring theme with this government.

Everything it does as the moment is bumbling and on the nose.

What did you think of ScoMo's photoshop fiasco?

This poll ended on 10 February 2019.

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It was ridiculous.


Who cares?


Shouldn't they be worrying about running the country?


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The writing has been on the wall for months, despite the horrendously inadequate attempts to scrub it off.

The alternative is far from appealing.

But for the sheer contempt they've treated us with alone this government deserves to be put on ice for a while.

And whoever chose those shoes for ScoMo. Jeez.

You could've run with literally anything that would've been better than a generic white sneaker on the wrong foot.

A pair of footy boots, he loves the Sharkies.

Or some RM Williams for his token trips to the outback or a strawberry field.

Some Jesus sandals may have been appropriate. He loves tax-dodging churches and needs a miracle in May.

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