Residents meet with Springborg over Ergon Energy route

A SMALL group of concerned residents have met with Local Minister Lawrence Springborg to raise concerns over the process with which Ergon Energy has decided on the proposed route five powerline.

A spokesman for Ergon Energy has confirmed Ergon have decided on route five but are still gathering information to decide the exact route within the 2km corridor.

Residents living along the proposed route have maintained the Community Reference Group was fundamentally flawed and concerned resident Julia Coyte said she thought Mr Springborg was slightly taken aback by the content of the meeting.

"I think he was pretty surprised by what was presented to him," Ms Coyte said.

"I'm reluctant to speak for him but that was my perception.

"In the past residents have made a bit of noise but I think it probably came across as residents kicking and screaming.

"I think when we presented the information we have gathered to him, it actually hit home to him that Ergon neglected to inform the majority of the community."

Ms Coyte said some residents only heard about the proposed route going through their property on the weekend.

"We handed out forms to residents last week asking them to write down when they heard about the potential powerlines and how they heard about them," she said.

"Some people took these sheets to their neighbours and they only heard about the powerlines when their neighbour came to their door."

Ms Coyte said she thought the process was good but it had broken down along the way.

"He said he thought the process was a good one and I agree that it was, but there has been a pretty significant breakdown in the process," Ms Coyte said.

"I think Mr Springborg was a bit dismayed in the breakdown."

Ms Coyte said she had suggested a new process.

"Basically what happened was he asked what we wanted and what I said was that we wanted a fair and equitable process," she said.

"Whether or not that means the process will be reopened, I don't know."

Residents are planning further community meetings with an invitation likely to be extended to Mr Springborg, Minister for Energy and Water Supply as well as high ranking Ergon officials.

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