Janessa Leone Beatrice hat, $188, janessaleone.com
Janessa Leone Beatrice hat, $188, janessaleone.com Aaron Feaver

A wide-brimmed hat will top off your wardrobe

Broad-brimmed hats aren't just a primary school student's safeguard for sunny lunchtime play.

They're a classic style of headwear that transitions seasons, provides ultimate sunsafe protection and creates an angelic halo that shapes your face.

Order of Style founder Lana Coppel says broad-brimmed hats not only protect your delicate noggin from sun damage, they're an easy way to add elegance to an outfit.

"Sun safety is an ever-growing consideration in our modern world,” Lana says. "We apply make-up and lotion with SPF - wearing a beautiful hat is simply an extension of this and a fantastic way to make a fashion statement too.”

Los Angeles accessory label Janessa Leone combines sharp tailoring with sophisticated detailing in its range of broad-brimmed hats, a strong meets soft recipe that complements both feminine and masculine styles.

"Janessa Leone's minimalist style hats draw inspiration from classic shapes and timeless silhouettes,” Lana says.

"Each hat is handcrafted using traditional techniques and authentic materials.”

One such authentic material, straw, comes with an added bonus of having the capacity to maintain its shape through cramped storage and all-day wear.

"Packable straw hats can be folded flat into your luggage and restored to their original shape when you arrive at your holiday destination, ensuring that fashion and health go hand in hand,” Lana says.

"The perfect time to introduce your first wide-brim hat to your wardrobe is during the warm summer months,” Lana says. "It's the ultimate accessory to top off your look and keep your freckles at bay.”

Lana says start your hat hunt by focussing on neutral colours and tones you can match to garments in your wardrobe.

Dresses made from natural materials pair well with natural fibre hats, and you can complete the ensemble with a casual pair of sandals.

"Go with a piece that will seamlessly transition into your wardrobe through colour and texture,” Lana says.

"Straw hats are an easy go-to for summer and perfect when matched with a light-weight cotton or silk wrap dress and your favourite slides.”

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