‘Abhorrent’ ambo and police attack by repeat offender

MICHAEL John Agnew was on the receiving end of a strong lecture from Magistrate Cameron Press on Tuesday when he fronted court on charges of obstructing police and ambulance officers.

Agnew, 32, was lying on a driveway "rolling" on December 4 when police were called to a Frenchville address, where they were told he had hit his head and sustained an injury.

When ambulance officers arrived and put him in the ambulance to transport him to hospital, Agnew became highly aggressive, and "multiple police" were required to get him out of the ambulance for his own, and others', safety.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said Agnew had to be sedated by ambulance officers before he could safely be transported to hospital for treatment.

Agnew's violent outburst "caused (ambulance) officers to be ejected from the back of the ambulance".

Defence solicitor Mitchell Jamieson said Agnew, who has four children, had been drinking and playing pool when he slipped in spilled liquid and hit his head.

He said Agnew had no memory of the night.

But Mr Press said that was not good enough, and Agnew's history of obstructing officers, though dated, was a concern.

"He has been convicted of this kind of offence before," Mr Press said.

"Ambulance officers are going about their duty assisting the community."

Mr Press said the community found offending such as Agnew's "abhor- rent" and it would not be tolerated.

"If he keeps coming back to court ... he will go to jail.

"The problems is, sir, you can't keep coming back before this court."

Mr Press said every court appearance, police and ambulance call out was costing the Queensland community money.

He said Agnew needed to address his alcohol issues.

"If you want to keep misbehaving when you are intoxicated... you will be going to jail," Mr Press said.

Agnew pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine months probation with mandatory alcohol counselling.

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