Accused cop spitter to stay behind bars

A MAN accused of spitting in the face of a police officer after abusing and threatening paramedic staff on Sunday will ring in the new year from a jail cell.

Shaun Jeremy Kassulke appeared in the Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday charged with serious assault on police, two counts of assault or obstruct police and one of public nuisance.

He has not yet entered a plea to any of the charges.

Clad in brown prison clothes during his court appearance, the 35-year-old man also bore significant bruising to his eye and jaw area.

The court heard the injuries were a result of a fall that followed a seizure on Saturday afternoon.

It was during the course of seeking treatment for his injuries that Kassulke is accused of becoming abusive to hospital staff trying to help him and the police officers called to the scene.

The court yesterday heard Kassulke was allegedly so intoxicated at the time of his arrest by the police that he soiled his own pants.

An application for bail made by lawyer Phillip Crook on Kassulke's behalf was strongly opposed by Police Prosecutor Ken Wiggan.

Sgt Wiggan asked the magistrate to keep the Warwick man behind bars until his matter was finalised.

"Our main concern is the threats (allegedly) made to doctors, nurses, police and ambulance officers," he said. "It is all well and good to say he was affected by alcohol but it's concerning to those involved."

Mr Crook told the court his client was willing to comply with strict bail conditions, if given the chance.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey denied the bail application, ordering Kassulke to remain behind bars until his next court date on January 5.

"Mr Kassulke is a nuisance and this is a significant and serious offence and if convicted, no doubt he will be doing a fair amount of time," he said.

Kassulke's girlfriend angrily swore at police officers in the court room yesterday, as her partner was led from the dock and back into his cell.

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