Accused killer says drunk died hitting head on a ditch

A DRUNK Michael Desmond Manson fell "pretty hard"into a ditch in the Lockyer Valley but was still alive and breathing, the man accused of killing him has testified.

Jamie Rex Teichmann, 38, told Brisbane Supreme Court he believed his friend Michael Ambrose had driven Mr Manson home in his utility to sleep it off and was unaware the ute had been dumped off a road near Atkinsons Dam.

Teichmann has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Manson in the early hours of December 9, 2010.

He told the court he was on his way to Ambrose's house when a car began flashing its lights and overtook him tooting its horn.

It was Mr Manson so Teichmann pulled over and they had a chat about him seeing the married man kissing another woman in Coominya minutes prior.

Teichmann said Manson was "going off" about how people in Coominya were talking about his affair.

"He was drunk and he started saying it was none of my business," he testified.

"He said he was sick of being the talk of the town.

"He rushed at me. He came down that fast.

"I was standing at the bottom of the bank. I jumped out of the way.

"He hit the ditch pretty hard. I heard this clunk."

Teichmann said he saw Mr Manson fall forward just before the "thud" but he was on his back when he got to him.

He said he tried to phone Triple 0 but there was no reception so he splashed some water on his face and put him in the recovery position in case he vomited.

"I could hear him breathing, pretty heavy breathing," he said.

Under cross-examination, Teichmann denied he was making up the details to fit the injuries he heard the forensic pathologist describe.

"It's not how Mr Manson met his death, is it?" crown prosecutor Glen Cash suggested.

"Yes it is," Teichmann said.

"You're trying to invent detail about how he must have struck his head?" Mr Cash suggested.

Teichmann disagreed.

Teichmann said he went to get help but was lost so he phoned Ambrose to help him direct an ambulance.

He said he picked up Ambrose and Kuiper to help him but they suggested Mr Manson was simply asleep and would wake up.

Teichmann said he never told Kuiper, who testified against him, that he "beat the crap" out of Mr Manson or "stomped all over him".

The jury is expected to begin deliberations on Tuesday.

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