Accused made woman hop like a rabbit 'but did not kill her'

THE man accused of murdering Ipswich woman Amanda Jane Quirk told police he made her "hop like a rabbit" to her bedroom after he hog-tied her in the living room of the house they shared.

But he claims he had nothing to do with his flatmate's death.

Christopher James Swan, 40, has pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Ms Quirk, 32, on April 1, 2010, at her Dudleigh St home in Booval.

Her badly decomposed body was found a week later in bushland near Tenterfield in New South Wales.

The court heard on Wednesday the police interview between Detective Sergeant Heath McQueen and Swan, recorded at Yamanto Police Station on April 7, 2010.

Swan told police Ms Quirk had been assaulted by her best friend Michelle Mondientz and another flatmate Rachel Narelle Smith on March 31, 2010, after a drive to score drugs and to go to a party.

He claimed Ms Quirk ordered a "hit" on the trio at the party.

"We took her home and Rachel and I tried to explain to her what could have happened if those people had done what she asked them to do," he said.

"I tied her hands and feet up with duct tape and threw her into her bedroom.

"She asked us (Swan and Smith) to untie her.

"I said to her do you think the people you asked to get me would have untied me."

Swan told police about 10 minutes later Ms Quirk appeared in the living room of the house after managing to untie herself.

He said he tied her back up again and took her back to the bedroom before going into the kitchen to have a coffee.

"Rachel come into the kitchen and said she was going to go back in and see her and wanted something hard to hit her with," he said.

"A short time later she came back out and said Amanda was not breathing."

Swan described his version of events which eventually led to Ms Quirk being put into the boot of a car.

"I dragged her out of the bedroom and tried giving her mouth-to-mouth," he said.

"It did not work. She had no pulse.

"I went back into the kitchen to finish my coffee and thought what the f*** is goin' on here?

"Me head was spinning a million miles and hour.

"Rachel then came into the kitchen and asked what we were going to do with her.

"I told her f***ed if I know."

Swan told police he then called Ms Mondientz, who he had dropped of earlier, to come around to the house.

"The three of us agreed we had to get rid of the body, but we had to wait until the neighbours behind us went to bed," he said.

"So I took Amanda's key card and went back to the party to buy some more drugs.

"I came home and the neighbours had gone to bed so the three of us carried her to Rachel's car.

"It was a bit of a struggle because Amanda was a big girl and it was even a bigger struggle getting her in the boot."

Swan said he then drove along the Cunningham Hwy to Warwick, through Stanthorpe and across into New South Wales where he dumped Ms Quirk's body in bushland.

"I found a nice little secluded spot and dumped her there," he said.

"I pulled her out of the car, dragged her down a gully, covered her with some branches and stuff before heading back home."

The trial before Justice Philip McMurdo continues.

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