Sabrina Poole, 18, with her little brother William, 4.
Sabrina Poole, 18, with her little brother William, 4.

Adventure across the Nullarbor

TAKE seven children, three caravans, two adults and an eight-day trip across Australia to find work and you have the Poole family’s latest adventure.

The Willowvale-based clan are in the process of packing before they relocate from Warwick to the Jurien Bay area, 200km north of Perth in Western Australia.

Yesterday 18-year-old Sabrina and her sister Angela, 17, had the rather sombre task of offloading the family’s poultry through the local pig and calf sale.

But the job of selling the dozen or so strong flock from the family chook yard was the duo admitted, one of their easier tasks.

“There is a fair bit to moving,” Sabrina said.

“Especially when we are shifting so far.

“We’re in the middle of packing and putting stuff in three caravans now.”

Not that the family’s two teenage girls are strangers to relocating.

In an interesting, if slightly nomadic early life, they have lived in Tara, Dalby and more recently the Warwick region.

“This time we’re going because we all want to try working in the bush and we have friends over there who have lined up jobs for us,” Sabrina explained.

“It’s a long way to go, but we’re going to take the trip itself steady.

“Apparently you can drive to Western Australia comfortably in four days, but mum and dad decided eight was more manageable.”

The cross continent adventure is part of a shared family dream to try working life in the rural sector.

“Angela and I have just finished a nine week jackeroo/jillaroo course through TAFE and we’re keen to work in the cattle industry, or with sheep and horses,” Sabrina said.

“It’s pretty exciting.”

For the pair’s parents Lawry and Lisa it is also a chance to get settled in a state relishing in the good fortune of the natural resources boom.

“I think mum and dad feel it will be a good place to go for us all,” Sabrina said.

“There seems to be more jobs in the rural sector as well as mining.”

A quick internet surf has the Western Australian tourism authority describing Jurien Bay as a place of “sandy beaches, with exceptional fishing and rock lobster industry” it is also a wildflower viewing hotspot.

A rather idyllic destination for this family of eight children.

“One of us has already left home, so they’ll only be seven kids as well as mum and dad making this trip,” Angela said.

“We’re got three caravans packed and we’re getting rid of anything we don’t need.

“Then we head off at the end of the month.

“It’s going to be a change, but we’ll be together so it’ll be fun.”

And with destination Jurien Bay reading like an idyllic getaway the Poole family’s change could be better than a holiday.

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