Alyssa boards plane bound for summit of Mt Everest

Alyssa Azar is preparing to climb Mt Everest.
Alyssa Azar is preparing to climb Mt Everest.

AFTER years of preparation, Alyssa Azar has boarded a plane to Nepal with Mt Everest in her sights.

The Toowoomba teen adventurer has started her path towards climbing the world's tallest mountain, with the summit attempt scheduled for late May.

Alyssa, 17, spoke to The Chronicle shortly before her flight, and said the attempt on the 8848m peak was only now becoming real.

She will first fly into Kathmandu, staying in the Nepalese capital for a few days before meeting with the team of fellow climbers and sherpas to trek to Mt Everest base camp.

"It'll be weird - I'm always getting on a flight getting ready for a trip, whereas now this is the trip," Alyssa said.

"I'm feeling pretty good, by this period of time, the fitness is there.

"I've tapered the training over the last couple of weeks - the body is ready to be doing something. It'll just be me heading over, and I'll meet the team over there."

After the team arrives at base camp, they will spend several weeks doing short trips to the mountain and back, to acclimatise.

The summit push will then take place around May 18.

Alyssa said the weather would play a huge role in when and how they would take on the summit - but she was well-prepared.

"I've got three expedition bags - technical gear, boots, everything, and I've got a couple of items with a friend in Nepal.

"I always have a few little (personal) things, stuff in a book I've written, things I've liked, but for the most part, an Australian flag I'd like to pull out on the summit."

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