Mango Camping business owner Keith Hartshorn.
Mango Camping business owner Keith Hartshorn.

Albion St island irks traders

MAIN Roads’ 10-year proposed plan for the Rose City is evoking strong feelings from Albion St business owners.

Part of the vision for Warwick involves an additional lane to south and north bound traffic along Albion St, as well as a permanent concrete island to separate the motorists.

However the plan has been met with concern from business owners who fear they will be worse off if their frontage is to change.

Mango Camping owner Keith Hartshorn said he hoped Main Roads would compensate businesses for any losses the widening might bring to trade.

“The building owner paid a few thousand dollars to have extra car parks placed in front of the shop so it’ll be interesting to see whether he’s compensated for that,” he said.

“That (section of) parking would go all together. We’ve got parking behind the shop but it’s all complementary – if we have a busy day we need the front parking too.”

Mr Hartshorn said Albion St businesses could be adversely affected if access routes were changed and said owners would need to be consulted before decisions were made.

“(Main Roads) shut down the section in front of us for six hours last week without telling us while they fixed the road,” he said.

“It’s good to have a new road but there was no mention of them closing it off while they did it and we had no business that time.”

B&K Motors owner David Kemp was concerned about the impact of additional lanes to Albion St because traffic could bottleneck at points.

“It’s going to bottleneck at Akooramak and it’s going to bottleneck before OO Madsen Bridge,” he said.

“They need extra roads going out of town, not so they all come to one point.”

Mr Kemp, who is on the road safety advisory committee, said he was familiar with Warwick danger spots.

He said three lanes of traffic was not the solution to the black spots.

“It’s dangerous already coming out of Victoria St onto the Albion St and widening will only add to the difficulty,” he said.

“If there’s a caravan coming across Madsen Bridge and turning into Victoria St, the back of the caravan sticks out onto both lanes while it gives way.”

Mr Kemp said plans to extend the island through the length of Albion St were not feasible.

“I disagree with that," he said.

"Having cars able to turn across the street gets rid of traffic flow now – if they want to turn, they can."

“If they put in an island it’s going to create a hazard somewhere else. It’s a good way of getting into someone else’s business fairly quickly.

“It will affect business because people won’t turn in and they will just keep going.

"If they can’t cross over, they get confused and will just continue.”

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