ALDI launches butter chicken 'naanwich'

Every now and again there's a culinary combination that captures the public's imagination. The "naanwich'' is that combination.

Trust ALDI to come up with a food that is everything that is good about winter, everything that is good about carbs, and sooo cheap.

$4.99 will buy you two naanwiches, which are described as a "butter chicken sandwich'' or "like a taco, only better'', with a filling of rich, creamy tomato sauce and chicken, though social media feedback would indicate the meat content is scant. But that's not deterring anyone.

They come frozen and can be oven-heated or microwaved and lots of people apparently already know about them and eat them for lunch.

ALDI's Facebook post has notched up 5.7K likes and 28K comments as customers raved about this new comfort food.

"These are beautiful, great little snack,'' someone wrote on Facebook.

"I think I just found my new regular lunch... yummy,'' said another.

"My friend said these are amazing,'' shared another.

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For some, the use of naan bread as taco was a revelation.

"This is a great way to eat naan,'' someone wrote.

"This is basically how I already ate my butter chicken but God damn now it's made easier," said another.

Apparently, kids are fans too.

"I have on good authority from 9-year-old granddaughter that they are delicious,'' someone shared.

Though it seems ALDI has some stiff competition - customers revealed that Costco has a similarly delicious product for $15 for a ten pack.

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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