All views will be considered in surrogacy laws: Bleijie

THE State's top lawmaker has attempted to pacify both sides of the debate surrounding a plan to exclude same-sex couples from surrogacy laws and says all views will be considered before any amendments are made.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie's reassurance comes in response to a petition Toowoomba North MP Trevor Watts tabled calling on the Parliament to repeal all laws and amend any regulations that allow a single person or a same sex couple to obtain a child by surrogacy.

The petition collected, headed by Gaythorne woman Wendy Francis, collected 10,000 signatures supporting the amendment the Surrogacy Act 2010 so children are not "deprived of a mother and father".

The petition stated society had caused grave suffering to children in the past by starving them of a mother and a father, whether it be through the stolen generation or withholding knowledge of the origins from children of anonymous sperm donors.

The petition also supported the "equal right" of every child to enter the world with both a mother and father take priority over the alleged "equal right" of single people or same sex couples to obtain a child by surrogacy.

Mr Bleijie admitted the issue of surrogacy was one that divided the community.

"The Government is aware of the strong and sincerely held views by those who oppose surrogacy and those who support it," he wrote in a response.

"...I can assure all petitioners that the Government is carefully considering all views before proceeding with amendments to the surrogacy laws in Queensland."

Mr Bleijie was also responding to a petition calling for no change to the Surrogacy Act to enable same sex couples and single people to have surrogates.

Following the controversial move to repeal the Civil Rights Bill earlier this year, the Mr Bleijie used a late-night Parliament session o announce the Government's intention to exclude intended parents, single persons, same-sex couples and de facto couples of less than two years from surrogacy eligibility.

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