Alleged drug trafficker to remain locked up

A BRISBANE man allegedly involved in a drug syndicate which trafficked more than 800kg of cannabis, 1.8kg of cocaine, and 15,000 MDMA pills has withdrawn his bid for bail after a magistrate said he was "overwhelmingly" a risk of reoffending.

Ryan Sean Givney, 38, today applied for bail on 16 charges including drug trafficking and unlawful possession of weapons relating to his alleged role in a major Southeast Queensland crime syndicate in 2017.

Brisbane Magistrates Court heard two men who led the syndicate allegedly made $4.2 million during its operation and that Givney and another man had sourced $260,000 worth of drugs from the group.

Crown prosecutor Michael Andronicus said the syndicate was busted by a police operation Papa Argyle which was formed to crackdown on drug syndicates in the Sunshine Coast in 2017.

Mr Andronicus said the operation intercepted a "commercial wholesale" syndicate which trafficked more than 800kg of cannabis, 1.8kg of cocaine, 2.9kg of MDMA and 15,000 MDMA pills.

He said Givney and his business partner were both suppliers and customers of the alleged syndicate, with the prosecution alleging they purchased $260,000 of product between May 16 and September 29, 2017.

Givney's home was raided in June 2018 and he was charged and released on bail the next month.

Police alleged he was intercepted in his car by officers in August 2018 and a search warrant was executed in his home.

Mr Andronicus said officers allegedly found 25g of pure MDMA, $10,000 cash, 2.6g of pure cocaine, a .22 calibre rifle, eight .22 bullets, a black Beretta handgun and magazine, a silencer, a black revolver, and an MDMA and cocaine press during the raid.

The prosecutor urged the court to reject Givney's application for bail on the basis that he had previously broken the terms of bail set in July 2018 within two months.

Defence lawyer Nick Dore argued that bail should be granted, given Givney had already spent 12 months in custody after his second arrest in June last year, and he faces more than six more months behind bars awaiting a Supreme Court hearing.

"The charges are serious, but it's a matter of assessing the risk of failing to appear or committing further offences," Mr Dore said.

If found guilty in the Supreme Court, Givney could face up to 15 years behind bars.

The application was withdrawn on the advice of Magistrate Jacqueline Payne, who said Givney was an "overwhelmingly a risk of reoffending."

But she said Givney should have the option of applying for bail in future, given that he faces a lengthy wait and potential delays to his Supreme Court trial.

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