Chris Gordon was not going to miss Allora's 150th.
Chris Gordon was not going to miss Allora's 150th. Chris Lines

Allora man overcomes illness to celebrate town's 150th

WHILE the Allora 150th street parade drove down Warwick St, Chris Gordon sat away from the crowd and watched the celebrations from afar.

Wheelchair bound and carrying oxygen to survive, Mr Gordon would have had difficulties navigating the huge crowd which gathered for the parade.

Mr Gordon said he refused to let his illness stop him from returning to his hometown to celebrate its birthday.

After a serious case of pneumonia caused permanent damage to his lungs in 2000, he had to move to Toowoomba to be closer to the hospital.

"I would still be living here if it weren't for these circumstances,” he said.

"Allora is beaut, it is the best little place around.”

Mr Gordon has had to carry oxygen with him to help him breathe for 18 years.

"I am battling with it everyday but I am used to having the oxygen around now.”

The streets of Allora reminded Mr Gordon of his younger days when him and his friends would ride their bikes to Glengallan Homestead.

"I helped restore that place, we made a mess while we were doing it as well,” he said.

Mr Gordon's own family heritage is heavily intertwined with the town as he could point out where his family members live or once lived.

"I was born here, my father was born here and my grandfather was the first European man to be born east side of the creek, Robert Woodhouse Gordon.”

Mr Gordon said he had a terrific day celebrating his hometown.

"It is the most amount of people I have ever seen in Allora, it was great to see everyone coming together.”

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