Deputy Mayor Ross Bartley.
Deputy Mayor Ross Bartley.

Allora's 'scaly' water will go with new $5m pipeline

CRYSTAL clear water will be flowing out of Allora's taps at some stage in the near future after a $5 million pipeline from Warwick to Allora was approved during yesterday's Southern Downs Regional Council meeting.

The decision came after a council investigation found the best little town on the Downs' water supply was below the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines in regards to hardness and total dissolved solids.

Basically the water caused a scaling effect on pipes and in appliances such as washing machines, hot water systems and dishwashers.

This reduced the life of the appliances, damaged pipes and affected the accuracy of the council water meters.

But the water is still perfectly safe to drink.

Director of Engineering Services Peter See said the pipe would run from the existing reservoir on Freestone Rd, through Willowvale Rd, west through Mount Marshall and connect with the existing reservoir in Allora.

Deputy Mayor Ross Bartley asked if it was possible for other towns along the pipeline to access the town water.

But Mr See said the pipe, which would be 21.5km long, was only built to cater for the Allora community and the current growth expansion of that community.

Cr Denise Ingram said the pipeline was long overdue.

"It is the only sensible way we can go about it," she said.

Because Allora's water will be the same as that used by Warwick, Allora residents will be receiving fluoridated water when the pipe is eventually installed.

The project has been added, pending budget approval, to the 2013/2014 budget.

But after a suggestion from Cr Cameron Gow the council agreed to ask the State Government if they could help fund the project.

The council did consider off-setting the cost of the pipeline by installing a sewer main in the same trench to transport sewage from Allora for treatment in Warwick.

But this was deemed to be a health risk and cost even more money so the idea was scrapped.

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