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Another of Bob Katter's party members leaves the ranks

UPDATE: In less than a week, two high-ranking officials in Katter's Australian Party have given sudden announcements they would leave their roles.

National director Aidan McLindon used a lunchtime email to tell the media and colleagues he would step down from the role come June 1.

On Tuesday, Vice-President Kevin Brown did the same - except he would leave the role immediately.

Both were keen to remain members of the party.

Mr McLindon and Mr Brown both came from the Queensland Party, which merged with the newly-formed KAP with Mr McLindon becoming the party's first member in Queensland Parliament.

Speaking from his Gold Coast home on Tuesday, Mr Brown said Mr McLindon did not tip his hand.

He elaborated on his statement, which explained he was leaving the role for the sake of his family."I've got twin boys who are three years old and a two-year-old boy on the Gold Coast," he said.

"My wife can't look after them by herself; something had to give."

With KAP polling higher than 12%, Mr Brown said he gave the party no notice of his impending departure from one of the top party roles.

He told nobody of his plan, he said, and after his intentions were made public he heard nothing from the party.

"No-one has even contacted me about it," he said.

"They can't be too happy about it."

Happy or not, Mr Brown said he would keep working with leader Bob Katter in a management capacity.

They would sit face-to-face in a meeting scheduled for Monday.

Mr Katter's office was not able to respond before deadline.


EARLIER: A second high-ranking official within Katter's Australian Party has chosen to jump ship, less than a week after national director Aidan McLindon stepped down from his role.

KAP vice president and finance chair Kevin Brown released a statement at lunchtime today saying he would leave the positions to spend more time with his family.

"I need to dedicate more time to my family and work commitments and I wish the party all the very best in the future" Mr Brown said.

Mr McLindon's shock announcement on May 8 was also released through a lunchtime statement, with some party members only learning of his decision via SMS.

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