Daniel Morcombe.
Daniel Morcombe.

'Daniel's kidnapper to come clean'

 A CONVICTED killer who lied about abducting Daniel Morcombe says the real kidnapper has promised to reveal his identity in court later this week.

P1, whose name has been suppressed, is the first of six persons of interest (POI) to be called in the third week of an inquest into the teenager's disappearance.

P1 was the focus of a lengthy police investigation after claiming he was involved in abducting Daniel and dumping his body in the Brisbane River.

He later retracted the confession, saying he had lied because he wanted to cause trouble for police.

P1 on Monday told the Brisbane Coroners Court that a fellow inmate at the Wolston Correctional Centre had confessed last year to abducting Daniel.

P1 said the alleged jailhouse confessor, a person of interest due to give evidence on Thursday, had told him specific details about the incident that only someone involved in the abduction could know.

"Everything he's telling me he couldn't have gotten from the newspapers or the media," he said.

"I'm 100 per cent confident within myself that the person who did it is in the Wolston Correctional Centre.

"(He) did it."

P1 said the only detail the inmate hadn't given him was where the body was buried.

P1 said he had advised the inmate when he spoke to him on Sunday to come clean when he fronted court.

"I said, 'If you're responsible for this, you need to go in there and give that family closure,'" P1 said.

"He said, 'Don't worry mate, it'll all end Thursday.'"

Heroin addict 'refuses to continue lies'

A HEROIN addict who told Bruce Morcombe he saw his son's body being dumped in the Brisbane River told an inquest today that he refused to continue the charade.

"I'm not going to elaborate on a lie ... In font of Daniel's family," he told Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The man, known as P1, initially denied he gave any information to Mr Morcombe about his son and was surprised to learn the conversation had been recorded.

During an interview in the Brisbane watchhouse in May 2004, Mr Morcombe asks whether Daniel was used as a sex toy, what happened to him and where he was.

"We just want to take him home and say goodbye to him," he said.

"It's been five months now, we're prepared for the worst.

"We hope, but we don't expect him to be in someone else's family being looked after, saying 'here, I am'.

"We suspect there is good news at the end of this conversation."

P1 said he was not prepared to risk his life in prison because he was facing a life sentence already for killing a man.

"I'm in a difficult position. I'd really like to help you but I can't," he said.

"At the end of the day they've got no control over jail, none at all.

"Every single day the car's on TV, I think of you, your wife and your family but I've  got family too Mr Morcombe."

P1 told Mr Morcombe he understood what he was going through because his sister was murdered 12 years prior and his mother had never gotten the answers she wanted.

In Brisbane Magistrates Court, P1 said he regretted his false stories about Daniel.

"I had no idea of the repercussions that that whole thing would cause," he said.

"I was dead set against one copper and I would have done anything and everything to nail that copper.

"What I did was, I took fragments of pieces of information that I either heard in the media or in the drug circle from in prison.

"I sat down and I thought about it and I just couldn't fit it all together so what I done was, to make it more realistic, I coloured it.

"I understand I have caused significant hurt and pain to the Morcombe family and impeded a police investigation but I had no idea of the ramifications."

Another POI faces Morcombe inquest

A DRUG addict in jail for killing a man he implicated in the disappearance of Palmwoods teen Daniel Morcombe is expected to take the stand today.

That man once sat face to face with Bruce Morcombe and told him he saw Daniel looking drugged in the back seat of a car in Fortitude Valley days after he went missing seven years ago.

He told police he saw Daniel's body being rolled into the Brisbane River inside a blue barrel and later told them he buried Daniel in the Beerburrum State Forest.

At a Crime and Misconduct Commission hearing he said he had lied and sent police on a wild goose chase to "annoy" them.

Today that man - known as person of interest number one or P1 - will face the whole Morcombe family in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The inquest into Daniel's suspected abduction and murder has been moved to Brisbane for improved security while persons of interest, several of whom are in custody, give evidence.

Coroner Michael Barnes is also expected to hear from P2, who was implicated by P1.

He is also expected to hear from P7, a convicted paedophile who drove past Daniel's abduction site twice the day he disappeared.

Later in the week the court will also hear from P32 and P33.

P33 claims he saw P32 sexually assault Daniel and dump his body in the Brisbane River.

For more information on the persons of interest, read Missing pices in Morcombe puzzle

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