Anti-Adani protesters block Bruce Highway


PROTESTERS delayed work on the Haughton River Floodplain upgrade on the Bruce Highway this morning.

Fifteen Frontline Action on Coal activists blocked the highway to cut off access to BMD workers.

The protesters demanded BMD cut its ties with Adani's controversial Carmichael mine project after it was rumoured the company had been contracted to work on Adani's rail line.

Andrea Valenzuela said BMD seemed to be expecting community resistance after an internal company email provided detailed responses to questions staff might be asked about their involvement with Adani.

"They are right to expect that, because no company has a right to profit from a climate emergency," she said.

"Every climate crime has global repercussions, but only a select few will be reaping the so-called benefits."

Ms Valenzuela claimed BMD's environmental credibility was "nothing more than hot air".

"They say this project will generate jobs, but in the face of the climate crisis, work that openly rejects scientific warnings about the effects of more coal mines is not constructive," she said.

"Work that compromises existing industries, undermining jobs in agriculture and with the Great Barrier Reef, is not true development. BMD's business model is the destruction of our climate."

She said protesters had formed a chain, blocking a road and were flying banners.

Ms Valenzuela said she did not expect anyone to be taken into custody by these actions.

Police were called to the scene about 6.50am.

A police spokesman said no one had been taken into custody and the "advice is that it had minimal impact".

Ms Valenzuela said Frontline activists had come to the conclusion disrupting companies believed to be contracted by Adani was their "last option".

BMD has been contacted for comment.

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