Anti-nuclear group calls for end to Oman Ama censorship

A GROUP opposed to a plan to store nuclear waste on the Darling Downs is calling for officials to stop censoring proceedings from the media.

The newly-formed Friends of Oman Ama has called on government officials to allow media access to next week's meeting on a nuclear waste dump being proposed for the region.

Frustrated by officials' decision to block full media access to a community meeting on the waste dump last month, the Friends of Omanama have called on organisers to welcome members of the media to the meeting at the Inglewood Civic Centre on Monday.

Friends of Oman Ama spokesperson Dr Bob Morrish said residents were concerned that only one side of the issue was presented at the government's initial information session on November 18.

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Media representatives were barred from the November meeting and attendees were not permitted to record proceedings.

"Many locals are sceptical of the spin we heard but many more are concerned by the lack of transparency and the blatant media muzzling that went on," Dr Morrish said.

"We agree that there needs to be a mature and fully informed debate. That means we need to hear from other experts, not just the proponents.

"The community consultation process should be open to everyone including the media to ensure balanced reporting on the full range of community views."

The Friends of Oman Ama independent community group has been formed by locals in the Inglewood region to oppose the proposed radioactive waste facility at Oman Ama.

Oman Ama is one of six sites around Australia nominated to be the possible home to a radioactive waste facility.

The group is concerned by potential short-term and long-term health impacts on the local community and local ecology.

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