Arcade games bring nostalgia to Warwick this holidays

TWO WORDS: Jade Currie trying to set a high score at the Video Network arcade.
TWO WORDS: Jade Currie trying to set a high score at the Video Network arcade. Sean Teuma

REMEMBER trying to save up enough coins to head down the arcade and make sure nobody took your high score?

This summer holidays, Video Network is giving people of all ages the chance to reminisce and engage in some friendly competition with their own mini arcade.

Owner Tracy Clark said there was something for everybody.

"There is plenty available for kids,” Mrs Clark said.

"Also families come in to play games they were used to as they go back to their childhood.”

Mrs Clark said the store was expecting an exciting new addition over the course of the next month.

"We will have a Daytona Rally game coming this holidays,” she said.

The game will complement existing attractions, including Big Buck Hunter, Off Road Challege and Space Invaders.

"We have a machine with over 100 traditional games, including Donkey Kong and a wide variety of others,” she said.

"We also have Deal or No Deal, where players can win prizes with points earned.”

Video Network is located on 124 Palmerin St, and is open daily from 9am-9pm.

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