Fight over eviction led to death

AN argument over pending eviction led Gregory William Shean to strangle to death his housemate Zoeie Charro Makylev, Toowoomba Supreme Court was told yesterday.

Ms Makylev’s badly decomposed body was found in long grass adjacent to an orchard on Tennant Road, The Summit, about 10km north of Stanthorpe, on August 30, 2006, three weeks after she was reported missing.

Crown prosecutor Paul Alsbury told the court police had been directed to the body’s location by Shean, who had broken down while being interviewed by police at Griffith, where he had gone fruit picking.

The court heard Shean, then 36, and Makylev, 40, had been in a relationship but were simply friends when sharing the rented house at Stanthorpe.

Shean told police that Ms Makylev “went off her face” when she learned they were to be evicted from the house.

He claimed Ms Makylev had attacked him with large scissors and he had disarmed her.

During the ensuing argument, he had twice struck her in the face prompting Ms Makylev to say she was calling the police.

Shean said he had then punched Ms Makylev again and she had fallen to the floor stunned.

He had then retrieved a belt which he wrapped around her neck and choked her for about two minutes.

Putting a plastic bag over her head so police wouldn’t find any hair follicles, Shean placed her body into the boot of his car and drove to an orchard. As he dumped the body, he thought he heard a noise and hit her twice in the head with a hammer.

His barrister David Shepherd said his client had suffered trauma as a child and had started drinking alcohol at 13 leading to a problem with alcohol and prescription drugs, and he had spent time in rehabilitation.

Justice Debra Mullins sentenced Shean to life imprisonment, with a minimum of 15 years, but declared a total 1161 days pre-sentence custody as time already served under the sentence.

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