Parking woes infuriate traders

MOTORISTS flouting Rose City parking restrictions are infuriating CBD traders and delivery drivers.

Some business owners and employees in Palmerin and Grafton streets are ignoring time restrictions and parking outside their shops all day, prompting handwritten notes to be angrily stuck to car windscreens.

Brodrick Transport owner Peter Lane told the Daily News the situation was “shocking” and drivers were even using designated loading bays as “personal parks”.

“At least half of the time we can’t get in to loading zones,” Mr Lane said.

“It means we have to park either illegally to deliver cartons or be 150 metres away, and that’s if we manage to get a spot at all.

“There needs to be a full-time parking officer. Especially on a day like (yesterday), stock can end up getting wet if the drivers have to walk too far.”

Southern Downs Regional Council has allocated $30,000 this year for parking controls in the CBD and it is looking at employing a part-time parking attendant.

The Warwick Chamber of Commerce is also aware of the problem and will start a campaign to inform both businesses and the general public of the problems the inconsiderate parking causes.

“In some cases they are serial offenders and a lot don’t think what they are doing is detrimental to the trade,” Chamber president John Randall said.

He said they would talk to other chambers in similar towns to see how they deal with the problem.

Danny Lyons Sports owner Danny Lyons on Palmerin Street has his own parking spaces behind his shop but even struggles to park there.

“There really does need to be more control – but not just once every six months,” Mr Lyons said.

“It needs to be random, when no one knows about it.”

He added that the car park behind Target Country (Acacia Avenue) was under-utilised.

Wynn’s Fruit and Deli owner Justin Wynn said he would like each store to be allocated spaces for their own customers.

However, Mayfair Casket Tobacconist owner Ross Ellis suggested council workers use the Albion Street car park, currently used by Daily News staffers to free up the car park behind the town hall.

“There are a lot of days that it’s impossible to get a park out the back (of the town hall),” Mr Ellis said. “If councillors and council staff parked (in the Albion Street car park) it would solve a lot of problems.”

Bryson’s Place owner Lynn Bryson said neither she nor her staff members parked on Palmerin Street and she was sure her neighbouring businesses had the same philosophy.

“Most have more common sense than that. I’d say 99 per cent of my neighbours don’t park outside their businesses,” Mrs Bryson said.

“I would be out after them if they did and I’m sure they would do the same to me.”

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