Assault earns teenager bond

A WARWCK teenager has been placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to the assault occasioning bodily harm of an older male person.

Thomas Grafton, 17, appeared in the Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday which heard that he and the complainant in the matter had been attending a party at a private Warwick residence on the evening of July 31.

The complainant at one stage left the gathering with an acquaintance and proceeded towards a parked vehicle, with Grafton having followed him from the party.

The court was told Grafton delivered a punch to the complainant’s face, with the victim moving several paces away and attempting to throw a punch of his own, which failed to connect.

The complainant experienced what the police prosecutor described as a “gritty feeling” in his mouth and later required dental surgery.

Stitches in the man’s lower back from an earlier surgical procedure also came loose as a result of the assault.

The court heard Grafton had no previous criminal history and was remorseful for his actions.

He tendered a pre-prepared statement to the court which was not read out in full, but Magistrate Anne Thacker noted that it made mention of an earlier incident which had taken place at Grafton’s school and had involved the complainant in the assault.

“It (the statement) doesn’t justify your actions but it does go some way towards explaining them,” Her Honour observed yesterday.

Grafton has since left school and is now employed in a traineeship scheme.

In sentencing him, Ms Thacker took into account Grafton’s early plea of guilty, his young age and his lack of a previous appearance in court.

She commented that the assault took place after “a situation at school which spilled over” to a private gathering.

She ordered that Grafton be placed on a 12 month good behaviour bond with a recognisance of $400, to be paid if Grafton breaches the order, to which he later committed to complying with in writing.

Her Honour also ordered him to pay restitution to the complainant in matter to the tune of $217.75 for dental work as a special condition.

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