Dexter Kruger enjoyed a range of sweet treats at his birthday morning tea.
Dexter Kruger enjoyed a range of sweet treats at his birthday morning tea. Alexia Austin

Australia's oldest man turns 108

AUSTRALIA'S oldest man, Dexter Kruger, has cut the cake on another birthday, celebrating the milestone with a morning tea for friends and family at the Pinaroo Aged Care Facility in Roma.

Time has had little impact on Dexter, who at 108 years old still paces the corridors and loves to tell a cheeky joke or two.

Many have marvelled at his longevity, however Dexter remains humble, remarking that his birthday has been business as usual.

"The day itself doesn't make a difference, it's just really another day on a calendar. It's not a turning point," Dexter said.

"I imagine I am gradually getting more feeble as the days go by, but very slowly. I really can't complain, my legs are getting a bit weaker, I don't walk with the same vigour but I still walk.

"Really it's all about what's going on up here, in your head. That determines where you are and how you will be."

After holding the title of 'Australia's oldest man' for over six months, Dexter has been asked every question in the book when it comes to growing old.

He attributes much of his enduring constitution to his love of writing, having published his tenth book, Dexter At His Best, in July last year.

Dexter said he keeps his mind sharp by continuing to ponder the bigger questions.

"Look, listen and think. We often don't have time to think, but I have had a lot of time to think. Everything is done for me now, my food is cooked for me and my bed is made. So I have even more time to think.

"I have given a lot of thought to the question of life. I believe life itself has no meaning. It is you that puts the meaning into your life.

"I also know that love is a very fragile thing. Many people are in love when they get married, but it doesn't work out, love can fade away. You have to build it, and keeping working on it. Don't argue small points and respect your partner's opinion."

Dexter's son, Greg Kruger, joined the birthday festivities, having travelled from Childers for the occasion.

As the cake was cut, Greg read Dexter his birthday cards, sent in from across Australia.

"You've got to be proud of him, he's the oldest man in Australia at present and nobody is going to overtake him," Greg said.

"His mind is 100 percent and he loves these celebrations because they are something special.

"Many people were asking me about Dexter's party this weekend. People asked 'aren't you going to do something?' And I said I'm gearing up for when he is 110!"

Greg believes that his father's continuance comes from his ever positive outlook.

"He has always kept calm in all situations, and therefore you don't get much stress and you're not highly strung - you can just roll along. Simple life, simple tucker and that's about it."

Dexter rounded off his birthday morning tea with a poignant message for all.

"What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. My message is this, through all the hustle and the bustle, the trials and tribulations of life, take a little time to stand, stare, look, listen, think and smell the flowers."

Dexter's birthday celebrations are set to continue tomorrow, with centenarian planning to ride to church in style in a red sports car.

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