Bandits brave CCTV cameras

FOOLISH thieves are fleecing service station operators out of their hard-earned money, with fuel thefts reported in Warwick each week.

Warwick Police acting officer-in-charge Lisa Self said reports of fuel thefts were an ongoing problem in the Rose City, with four such crimes reported last week.

Service station employees reported fuel thefts on Wednesday at 10.30pm, Thursday at 10.30pm, Friday at 2.40am and Saturday at 9.30am.

It is believed the thefts are unrelated.

In three of those instances the driver filled the car before fleeing without any attempt to pay.

The other offender gave his name and a promise to return after his keycard declined, but he never did.

Acting Senior Sergeant Self said offenders thought they were covered by the dark cloak of night, but that was not the case.

"We have drive-offs reported every week and we solve most of them because they are on camera," she said.

"People think it is dark and nobody is watching them so they will get away but CCTV never sleeps," she said.

Act Snr Sgt Self urged those considering stealing fuel to reconsider.

"It is a foolish offence because all stations have CCTV cameras now and we can see both the person responsible and their vehicle," she said.

"Businesses have to have cameras because they are trying to cover their losses because it is hard to make a living out of selling fuel.

"The business owners are the real victims.

"If people drive off without paying it is stealing, it is a crime."

Act Snr Sgt Self said police were in the process of reviewing the footage obtained from the affected service stations and investigations were continuing.

Anyone with information on fuel thefts is urged to call the Warwick Police on 46604444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



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