WELCOME TO WARWICK: Where the cost of living is significantly cheaper.
WELCOME TO WARWICK: Where the cost of living is significantly cheaper.

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: The real cost of living in Warwick

WARWICK is ready to welcome an annual population growth of 2.5 per cent with an enviable cost of living to attract interstate migration.

Queenslanders care about getting more bang for their buck, and for many, it's the number one issue influencing where they want to live, according to a Deloitte report.

With markedly cheaper prices for housing, food and accommodation, Warwick presents itself as a cut-price oasis amid a nation plagued by the economic pressures of a pandemic.

The statistics bode well for the Southern Downs Regional Council, which recently developed a market strategy to increase the population of the Rose City by more than 350 people each year, for the next six years.

"It's a wonderful opportunity to move," said councillor Marco Gliori during the meeting this month.

"It's great we're attracting people who have contributed to the economy."

But how much cheaper is it to live in Warwick, really?

The Daily News compared prices of the everyday essentials, to determine exactly how much money Warwick residents are saving each week compared with their metropolitan counterparts.

According to the Queensland Government Statistician's Office, it is 8 per cent cheaper to live in Warwick than Brisbane, with the greatest difference lying within the housing market.

Housing in Warwick is 32 per cent cheaper than the big smoke, with an average weekly rent of just $240 and an average weekly mortgage repayment of $349.

A standard 20-minute visit to the GP sets back Warwick residents $70, which is $5 cheaper on average than appointments in Toowoomba or Brisbane.

For an average weekly price of around $13, Warwick gyms offer fantastic value for money, boasting many of the facilities and group classes city dwellers pay up to $37 a week for.

Hair and beauty is considerably cheaper, with the average shampoo, haircut and blow-dry costing just $52 in Warwick, more than $20 less than the average equivalent in Brisbane.

Private school education in the Rose City could save families tens of thousands of dollars.

The average annual private school fees in the city are an eye-watering $21,513, according to the Good Schools Guide, making them 427 per cent more expensive than the average annual private school fee in Warwick.

Consistent costs across the state include fuel prices, which were just 1c per litre cheaper in Warwick than in Brisbane according to the RACQ fair fuel finder, and groceries, which remain around $171 per family, per week, according to Choice.

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